PTron Belongs to Which Country? Is PTron A Chinese Company?

The pTron brand quickly became known and made its presence on the market. But is pTron a Chinese Company? PTron Belongs to Which Country? This question is often asked.

These are questions that are unfortunately raised by consumers in every brand in China today. The pTron Company has a similar notion.

You regard every brand as Chinese based on and prevent misrepresentation. Small and big Indian enterprises are therefore denied growth.

As an electrical and mobile accessory firm, PTron was designed. PTron began production in 2014 by contractors in China of mobile accessories. is a private brand owned as a subsidiary by Palred Retail, which since 2004 has been controlled by the publicly traded BSE and NSE firm Palred Technologies Ltd.

PTron’s strength is that it offers a variety of items with guaranteed quality and competitively priced products in the sector of branded accessories for the mid-market.

The PTron brand offers a bouquet of mobile accessories to fulfill consumers’ needs. PTron is selling items such as Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth portable speakers, wired headsets, loaders and cables, smartwatches, network products, etc.

PTron has supplied more than 5 million items to valued consumers through several online platforms and offline distribution and retail channels (such as Bluetooth earphones, smart reloaders, Bluetooth speakers, etc).

PTron joined the offline business in India after successfully creating a large and wide consumer base online. There are currently 40 distributors in India spanning 12 countries.

PTron emerged as the leading mobile accessory manufacturer in India based on SKUs and the number of units sold. It is presently in competition with huge global brands in India

PTron has developed its business on global markets and established distribution channels in places like the USA, Hong Kong, Israel, Indonesia and so forth following its establishment in India as the trusted mobile accessory brand.

PTron Belongs to Which Country? Is PTron A Chinese Company?

Is PTron a Chinese company? Or Is PTron an Indian company? | PTron Belongs to Which Country?

PTron is an Indian company, yet its items are imported from China.

PTron recently introduced its first intelligent collection created in India. This company has most importantly become India’s first producer of TWS.

Now pTron Company’s in India and China are manufactured.
PTron’s goods are in-house designed in India and its R&D team Continues to present a new and unique portfolio.

By fully manufacturing in China, pTron was importing its whole product portfolio into India. Why? 

Although all of this is true, the company began production in 2021 in Kurnool, India with the launching of items from Made in India.

The corporation had announced before 2019 that for the following 1-2 years it will continue its work on the assembly arrangement in China. However, the unit will do the assembly when it is in service in India.

In 2019, pTron set up a mounting plant in Hyderabad, assembling 60–70 percent of total products.
This suggests that the corporation took the first step, at least began assembling in India and decreased its reliance on China.

Is PTron a good brand?

Yes, PTron is a good brand
The quality of the ptron products is good and you can have confidence in it. This brand is worth their value for money products. Very good sound. It looks sophisticated and it’s cool. The ears fit effortlessly and the sound is excellent too. It has a fantastic bass system which is more than good for music lovers and has a battery backup for lengthy periods of time and also fast charging.

In general, these Headphones are good for the budget section, they fit nicely so that you may use them to practice Bluetooth in the gym. Grab them carefully and don’t try to bend the bracelet. These Ptron headsets allow you to enjoy very good music and beats.

is ptron a good brand? What is Good about brand

⚫They’re a brand of Indians
⚫The things are priced fairly
⚫A wired, wireless, or just audible type.  You’ve got everything
⚫Good Amazon reviews
⚫Guarantee of 1 year

PTron Belongs to Which Country? Is PTron A Chinese Company?

Where is PTron manufactured?

pTron manufactures its products in China and assembles in its Hyderabad Unit, all of its products in India.

ptron products were placed on the market on and achieved Rs 220 crore value in only three years.

But the company went through difficult difficulties in two years. Facebook raised its advertisement pricing and Ameen said that the e-commerce giants had big sales that could not compete. Facebook privacy subsequently dropped sales

Ameen thinks that the company would reach the aim of selling six million parts per year over the next 2-3 years, with a milestone in selling 1.5 lakh parts every month. The company wants to raise its SKUs to approximately 225.
The purpose of pTron is also to improve its research and development in India by focusing on producing more items.

Who is the owner of PTron Company?

Ameen Khwaja
Ameen Khwaja is a devoted technology enthusiast who wants to build and build national & international companies and is the founder of PTron & Xmate brands. In 2014, Ameen completed the PTron brand, which offers a high-class bouquet of smart mobile & tech accessories, as a result of an unfilled market gap.

In 2019, PTron sold $15 million GMV annually worldwide in the USA, Italy, Nepal, Singapore, and Malaysia.
In 2019, Xmate, the latest brand for electronics & digital lifestyle accessories, was launched to meet the increasing demand.

With the addition of 100+ SKU, Xmate has a whole new line of new tech and lifestyle accessories including audio (Bluetooth), accessories for mobile phones, computer & gaming devices, action & security cameras, cables, etc.
He is also the founder and managing director of, a website worth $35million since its launch in 2014. With 280 people, two warehouses, the company is growing consistently and adds further.

Ameen, a graduate of the University of East London, is a specialist in Robotics in electronics engineering. Before its merger in 2014 in 2004, Premium Web Services began to include more than 200 e-commerce websites in its portfolio.

Ameen has also been a digital marketing consultant for various industrial big-wigs, such as Qwest, Public Safety, AIG, Kwikfit, TempcoverUK, Admiral, which has specialized in sales, digital media, brand building & product development.

Ameen Khwaja has made a mark for himself and mastered the strategic marketing department in a span of 15 years by building his skills to create an online community, sales, and brand awareness platform for the products. in the area of e-commerce, digital marketing, social media & search engine marketing

Who is the owner of PTron Company?

Which Company owns PTron?

Palred Retail Private Limited
As an electrical and mobile accessory firm, PTron has been conceptualized. In 2014, PTron launched its production of mobile accessories by contract producers in China. is a Palred Retail Private Limited trademark that since 2004, is a subsidiary of BSE and NSE public firm Palred Technologies Ltd.

PTron’s strength is that its product portfolio is supported by a guarantee of quality that gives them for the mid-market branded accessories at reasonable pricing.

The PTron brand offers a bouquet of items with mobile accessories to fulfill consumers’ demands. PTron sells items such as Bluetooth headboards, Bluetooth portable speakers, wired headsets, cables, and loaders.

PTron has grown its business in global markets and has established distribution channels in countries such as the U.S., Hong Kong, Israel, Indonesia, etc., after its establishment as a trusted mobile accessories brand in India.

What is the net worth of PTron?

The Revenue has increased by ₹34.55 crores (Q2 FY 2020-21)
It opened its Shenzhen office, China, and from there commenced production of ptron products. The company claimed to have recorded sales of 50 crore ltd (7.04 million US dollars in 2019), having sold moreover one million goods during its first two years of existence.
The company sold 5 million mobile gadgets, including headphones, Bluetooth audio, smartwatches, and power banks as early as 2019. In the beginning, it offered products via its LatestOne retail platform, before being expanded to other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal

PTron has sold its products to many nations such as the US, Canada, Italy, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Israel, and Indonesia since 2019. Khwaja says Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi are Indian big marketplaces, and more than 1000 offline businesses in other cities sell merchandise. By 2018 there were around 40 distributors in India in 12 countries.

In August 2019, PTron stated that it would establish a production factory in Hyderabad (under Make in India) that would meet two-thirds of its production requirements. Bass Buds TWS (true wireless stereo), which sold more than ten thousand pieces within the first three days, was launched at PTron in October 2019.

Bollywood star Aparshakti Khurana joined the company in August 2020 in support of the brand. In the second quarter in FY 2020–21, PTron had sales of 7.87 lakh units compared to 2.67 lakh units in the first quarter.

Who is the brand ambassador of PTron?

Who is the brand ambassador of PTron?

Actor Aparshakti Khurana/ Pooja Hegde

Bass Buds TWS (true wireless stereo), which sold more than ten thousand pieces within the first three days, was launched at PTron in October 2019. Bollywood actress Aparshakti Khurana was picked up by the company in August 2020 to support the company

pTron has secured a year-long agreement with a well-known Indian pop star Pooja Hegde, Digital Lifestyle, and Audio Accessory Brand.

The popular youth star will collaborate closely with the company to sensitize and further extend the reaches of its customers to the enticing pTron line. For its unique styling and commitment to quality, Pooja Hegde has been chosen which reflects PTron’s identical principles.

What kind of brand is pTron?

PTron is headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, an electronics and mobile accessories firm. is a Palred Retail Private Limited brand that is a Palred Technologies Ltd subsidiary.
Industry-Mobile and electronics
Founder-Ameen Khwaja
Headquarters-Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Area served-India, United States, Canada, Italy, Fiji, Myanmar, Nepal, Colombia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Romania, Indonesia, Malaysia, Tunisia.
Products-Electronic accessories
Number of employees-200+

How good is the pTron brand?

For earphones, headphones, smartwatches the PTron design is pretty generic. On one hand and on each product, the monotony is interrupted with a not-so-attractive PTron logo. Although the finish is even and they feel excellent to touch, nothing screams visibly for luxury. But then also nothing is flagrantly terrible. The one that does not attract attention, and even. The product design is completely acceptable due to the price tag of ptron products, however, the exterior packaging can undoubtedly have captured all products better visually.
These are very lightweight goods. You’re barely going to feel their existence. The inside-ear displays fit well into the ear and provide adequate noise isolation with the standard medium-size tips without causing any discomfort. During jogging, they don’t pop from the ear. The neckband is quite flexible and empty of raw borders, so there are no concerns. The quality of the construction feels good.
With a one-year warranty on the website and on Amazon India, PTronat has a very cheap price. Often during flash sales, it sells for several hundred lower. Besides, you have a crazy high battery life that sets new standards for this category. Of course, you get the full worth of your money and I do not hesitate to recommend it.

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