There is More to the Ludo Board Game Than What Most People Know. Find Out Here

Before virtual games existed, the majority of people indulged in different categories of offline games, out of which one of the most popular ones was board games. People loved playing different types of board games, but the most popular one was ludo. Fast forward to now, the world has changed significantly, especially in the digital sector. Thanks to the advancements and innovations in the field of computers and technology, online gaming has become very common among the masses. Most board game enthusiasts now resort to online iterations of their favorite board games, including ludo, for an enjoyable experience. Due to the demand for online ludo games, multiple platforms that feature virtual ludo games are readily available. The best part is that the ludo game download procedure is very simple. Interested individuals simply need to head to the official website of the platform offering the game and download the game by following the provided instructions. Although ludo is played by millions of people daily, most of them do not know much about the game. They see ludo merely as a fun multiplayer board game that features age-appropriate elements. However, ludo is much more than merely a board game.

Here are some interesting facts about the game that differentiates it from the rest of the crowd:

It Relies Heavily on Players’ Skill

Although luck plays a small role in the game, ludo relies heavily on players’ skills. For starters, players must develop effective strategies and plans to ensure that their token or playing piece reaches their base first. At the same time, players must also concentrate on the position of opponents’ pieces. This is another aspect where players need to use their game sense and awareness. Lastly, players who wish to win matches must follow an aggressive gameplay style, i.e., they must eliminate opponents’ tokens by chasing them and landing on them whenever possible. Ludo is a dice-based game, and like most other dice-based games, most people think that luck is the only factor that can make a player win or lose matches. However, this is a big misconception since ludo is among the few dice-based board games requiring more skill than chance or coincidences.

It is An Effective Tool for Learning Strategy-Making Skills

When analyzed by experts, Ludo’s features were much more advanced than most people think. For the majority of the masses, the game is merely a board game designed for children. However, it is far greater than the title it currently holds. The game is currently used as an effective teaching tool in multiple business schools and universities around the globe as a strategic game. In the real world, there are many instances when individuals need to devise strategies to overcome issues and hurdles. The game of ludo is the perfect example that promotes strategy-making, which is why the game is used to teach students at major business schools and universities.

The Game Dates Back to Ancient Times

It is a common belief among the masses that ludo is a modern-day game that was founded in a foreign country. Although the game was officially patented in England in 1986, ludo originally came into existence hundreds of years ago in ancient India. The game originated as Pachisi and was the favorite pastime of the ruling classes at the time. In ancient times, the game was used as an outlet to test people’s characters. Akbar, the famous Mughal emperor, invited people to his court and played Pachisi matches with them. Many historians state that doing so allowed him to test the characters of men and judge them accordingly. Besides Akbar, many other emperors and kings loved playing ludo. Although it is seen and recognized merely as a game today by most people, it was much more than that back in the day.

Ludo Variations Were Played Using Different Types of Dice

In the case of offline ludo games, most people use the standard cube-shaped dice. However, what the majority of enthusiasts do not know is that different variations of the game were played using different types of dice. For instance, the dice used to play ludo in the Mahabharata were shaped like a rectangle. Besides this, Akbar used to play the game using real people as tokens. 

At the time the game came out, the common people used cowries or shells to determine the number acquired by players during turns. Currently, there are certain variations of the game which require two standard dice as opposed to a single one.

Different Types of Ludo Variations Played in Different Parts of the World

In most places, ludo is played using the standard set of equipment and rules. However, there are places where unique variants of ludo are popular. For example, in India, people prefer playing the classic version of the game. However, in China, people prefer indulging in Aeroplane Chess, which, as its name suggests, is completely different from the standard variant of ludo. Besides China, Aeroplane Chess is also played extensively in the African subcontinent. Besides having multiple variations, the game is also known by different names in certain places.


Most ludo enthusiasts do not know much about the game other than the fact that it is a board game originally designed for children. However, as evident by the points mentioned above, it is crystal clear that ludo is much more than what meets the common eye and what most fans know about it.