Fact-Checking Policy

At TECHNOZIVE.COM, We strive to be as clear and exact as possible with words, headlines, and URLs, and we recognize that information has both power and responsibility.

Before writing every article, we make certain that the material is current and correct. We always verify sources and go back to the source (and reference material, if relevant) before we start writing. Even if other channels post dubious news and blog as official confirmation, we need 100 percent confirmation to declare it. We never publish clickbait. Our headlines may be big, but we don’t make sweeping assertions merely to be bold. It must be correct and fact-checked.

Technozive articles give industry-leading context that explains why the article is essential to you.

Our authors and editors are industry veterans who ensure that every new piece contains the most up-to-date information, the most accurate information, and all important facts. We follow fundamental journalism ethics when we are the source.

Writers do their own fact-checking, relying on their own judgment and knowledge, in accordance with our Ethics Policy.

If you feel we should fact-check or otherwise correct content on our website, please report it to contact@technozive.com, and we will investigate every issue.