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Jeet11: Play Fantasy Cricket, & Fantasy Leagues Online

Jeet11 Mini is India’s best new fantasy app. The simplest gameplay to use. The app focuses on new fantasy players and makes learning how a fantasy game works easy for anyone.

You’re a serious fan of sports? Do you know the players and their skills well? If you know about the game you can play free here, be it Cricket, Football, Kabaddi or any other sport. Jeet11 offers you a platform for using your expertise to compete against other users by making the best fantasy team.

Jeet11: Play Fantasy Cricket, & Fantasy Leagues Online

What is jeet11 Fantasy Cricket?

The Sharechat new fantasy cricket app jeet11.com has recently been launched. This is a new app so that you can simply make money off of this new Jeet11 cricket new fantasy app. We all know how hard fantasy prediction can be gained. But we can simply win in a newly-started app what I have witnessed in the last few years.

Jeet11 has just introduced Football and many Games such as Quiz, not simply Cricket. If you want to, you can use their platform without downloading your application, the largest bonus for Jett11 is. You can get Rs 100 on your deposit wallet and Rs 100 on your new friend from the Jeet 11 new Fantasy Cricket App.

The Jeet11 new Fantasy Cricket App delivers a wide range of new fantasy cricket apps such as Real11, My11Circle, and others. And Jeet11 Cricket App offers some unique and distinctive attractions that are quite exciting.

What is Fantasy Cricket? | What is the concept behind fantasy cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is an online sports strategy game where a virtual squad of actual cricketers must take part in real games throughout the globe. You gain points based on these players’ performance in real matches.

Today, the fantasy games used in the country include MPL and Dream 11, in which the squad can be created and changed every day. These games have monetary awards as well. You bet against or for certain teams or players, and if the desired result takes place in real-time, you win the rewards and can lose the money if the result is not correctly predicted.

The extended fantasy games are another format, very interesting and unique. In leagues like NFL and NBA, these are most common in the US. In this fantasy game structure, you simply go through a draught before the league begins and select a team for the whole length of the league. This format needs greater game knowledge and strategy since you must play with the same team you have chosen at the beginning. This gives the game and the drafting process an authentic sense. In other nations, it is popular even televising the virtual writing process and providing analysis and expert opinions.

Jeet11: Play Fantasy Cricket, & Fantasy Leagues Online

How to download and play Jeet11?

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1

Download Jeet11 APK first open in the link in your default browser 

Download Jeet11 APK first open in the link in your default browser 
[Download Jeet11] or jeet11.com

Step 2


Choose the language you want.

Step 3

Go forward to tap on the bottom icon to install Jeet11 APK.

Go forward to tap on the bottom icon to install Jeet11 APK.

Step 4

Download and install Jeet11 APK and enable all permissions.

Download and install Jeet11 APK and enable all permissions.

Step 5

Tap Sign In Button on Jeet11.

Tap Sign In Button on Jeet11.

Step 6

Enter your name and mobile number and then enter the  Jeet11 reference code to instantly receive Rs.20 Signup Bonus.

Enter your name and mobile number and then enter the  Jeet11 reference code to instantly receive Rs.20 Signup Bonus.

Step 7

Verify  OTP with your mobile numbers and move to the dashboard.

Verify  OTP with your mobile numbers and move to the dashboard.

Step 8

You will get Rs.20 Bonus Cash for the use of Jeet11, a 100% Bonus that can be used for any league.

You will get Rs.20 Bonus Cash for the use of Jeet11, a 100% Bonus that can be used for any league.

Step 9

Tap on Fantasy Cricket, move to Dashboard, and select any of the matches you are playing.

Tap on Fantasy Cricket, move to Dashboard, and select any of the matches you are playing.

Step 10


To use the bonus and to win free PayTM cash, select Rs.10 contest.

Step 11

Choose and submit your whole Dream11 Fantasy Cricket team.

Choose and submit your whole JEET11 Fantasy Cricket team.

Step 12

You don't have to pay anything because your bonus cash deducts money automatically.

You don’t have to pay anything because your bonus cash deducts money automatically.

Step 13

You don't have to pay anything because your bonus cash deducts money automatically.

Wait for the results, and in your PayTM wallet and payout your winnings.


  • your android device


  • web browser

Materials: software

Jeet11: Play Fantasy Cricket, & Fantasy Leagues Online

Is Jeet11 App legal? | Is Jeet11 App Safe?

Yes, it is safe and legal.
Jeet11 App or jeet11.com also asks users to affirm whether or not they belong to the fantasy limitation states throughout the registration procedure. The reason is that the government has put a prohibition on fantasy sports applications in various states like Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Telangana, and Arunachal Pradesh. In addition, users can erase their profile, gaming account and at any time prohibit all commercial communication in the app. The gaming platform has a unique password and user name that can only be accessed by the user.

I know all of you should wonder whether it’s safe to connect the gaming app to your bank account or not. Well, certainly, the answer is sure. Jeet11 complies with the laws and regulations laid forth by the Supreme Court of India. It’s also distinct from a gambling event because the game combines know-how, talent, and the game.

Who owns Jeet11 App?

Jeet11 was founded by the joint ventures of Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva, and is a new fantasy game platform. When Share Chat realized that fantasy sports are becoming more and more popular in India, it chose its fantasy game app, jeet11.com
. This game application has over 1 LAKH+ Download and over 120K verified users. It is owned and administered by Mohalla Tech Private Limited. The app is accessible in English, which is often spoken in over 13 local languages throughout India, such as Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Rajasthani, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

In the field of Cricket, Soccer, Kabaddi, and spirited contests the players can enjoy different games.

How to Start playing on Jeet11?

You will all play your first match once you have enrolled successfully on the Jeet11 gaming platform. The first steps you must take are:-
1) You can click on any game from Cricket to Football and choose the match from the following list.
2) If you enter any contest, you can play a free match depending on the entry price you have in the wallet.
3) Select and submit your team players based on the number of players permitted in this game.
4) Make sure that after careful analysis of the regulations and the use of few credit points you construct a strong squad.
5) You must choose a Captain & Vice-Captain on your selected player list once you have chosen the players for your squad.
6) Instantly, all the points your team collects will become real money and will be added to your Jeet11 wallet. By linking your bank account to the app, users may effortlessly withdraw the money earned.
7) Without producing an official document, all players may add or remove a limit of Rs. 10,000 /-. If the value is more than Rs. 10,000/- then you must give a copy of the KYC with the PAN card and the bank details.

How is Jeet11 diffrent from Dream11?

Users can only play restricted games such as cricket & soccer from now on on on the JEET11 Platform. The Dream11 app, for the sake of hockey, volleyball, handball, baseball, basketball, and football, enables users to play numerous games. One distinguishing feature of Jeet11 from Dream11 is the obligation to submit PAN checks and to pay specific fees to compete. On the other hand, users of the JEET11 App can use their credit points to play and no obligatory KYC checks are available. The JEET11 new fantasy app will probably compete for Dream11 in the next few years.

Dream11 is a prominent sporting fantasy company formed in 2008 by Harsh Jain & Bhavit Sheth. At present, there were more than 100 million registered users and the Unicorn Club is also the first gaming application. On the other side, Jeet11 is a burgeoning fantasy sports app that has to date, 120K members.

All of them are dependent on their mobile phones in today’s technology world and live in its universe. Now Just a few days ago, there are many new and inventive applications on the market which make our lives comfortable. In the same way, there are many sports new fantasy apps available for all game enthusiasts in the Play Store and App Store
I think Jeet11 is the most user-pleasant, safe, secure, legal, and restriction-free gaming platform amongst existing competitors following the reading and analysis of the advantages and negatives of all the popular fantasy games. I also recommend that the users play it as an addicting game and include financial risks.

How To Withdraw On Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket?

1) Go to Dashboard -Wallet Money.
2) By clicking on the redemption button, you can withdraw your money at Paytm.
3) Your Paytm wallet will be received immediately.
4) The withdrawal shall be Rs.20 at least.
5) No withdrawal KYC necessary.

What Are The Terms & Conditions of jeet11.com?

1) You will see the whole list of players when you select the match and contest that you want to play.
2) The team from the one team might also be chosen.
3) For his performance, Captain gained 2x points. Likewise, the vice-performance captain’s would win you 1.5 times.
4) If the match is canceled, all contestants will get their participation money reimbursed.
5) 100% useful bonus is limited in time

What Are Jeet11 Immunity Cards?

Immunity Cards are special kinds of cards that you can employ, in big competitions in which pool size exceeds Rs 500, to avoid losing money. For instance, if you have taken part in a major contest and have won no money, your membership money will be returned to your deposit pocket, for free.
On 1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, and 21st, you will receive these cards successfully. Before the match begins, apply for the immunity card and play the Mega Contests free of charge.

What Are The Jeet11 Premium Memberships?

Jeet11 offers premium membership to those who are interested in gaining real cash and benefiting from premium characteristics. In Jeet11 there are three different types of premium affiliations. It is separated into membership in gold, silver, and bronze.
Gold Membership :
The membership in Jeet11 Gold costs Rs.499 for 30 days.
You will receive 3% off competition entry fees. (except user creation) (
11 Cards with immunity
Exclusive support to customers
Golden UI Premium interface.
Silver Membership :
The silver membership in Jeet11 is going to cost you Rs.399 for 30 days.
The fees for entries in contests will be a 2 percent discount. (excluding user creation)
5 Cards of Immunity
Exclusive support to customers
Bronze Membership :
Thirty days Bronze Membership will cost you Rs.199.
The entry fees for competitions will be discounted by 1%. (excluding user creation)
2 Cards for Immunity
Exclusive support to customers

What is fantasy cricket? Everything about fantasy cricket

fantasy Cricket is part of the genre of sports fantasy. This is an online game that creates a virtual squad of genuine cricket players, scoring them according to their performance in real-life matches. To win a tournament, players must endeavor to achieve the highest leaderboard points and rank.

Cricket fantasy is classified as a ‘skill game,’ comparable to American fantasy sports. In the middle of three booming industry speeches – Internet, gaming, and cricket – Fantasy Cricket for cash is.
Superior knowledge, training, care, experience, and competence have been explained to the Supreme Court of India. The following was stated in K.R. Lakshmanan c. Tamil Nadu AIR 1996 SC 1153:
‘A game of expertise, on the other hand – even though it is not always possible to eliminate the element of chance – depends on the player’s better knowledge, training, attention, experience, and skill.
An imaginative cricket match is built on the most discussed component of cricketing strategy, the batting and bowling orders. The path of the game can change a little change in sequence. The concept consists of selecting a squad of 11 players and 3 replacements from the player’s pool.
Cricket is mainly appreciated among the Indian diaspora in the United States. While fantasy football is immensely popular, there is limited awareness of the country’s other sports, especially cricketing, that lack a mainstream appeal.

There are no budget limitations and player selection is not limited to a certain amount of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders, but you can build your team according to your requirements in some new fantasy app. An example may be 5 batsmen, one wicket-keeper, two all-rounders, three bowlers. Any kind of athlete can be a fantasy team.
The basic objective is to outline the opposition as much as possible in a fantasy cricket match. In all three international versions, fantasy cricket matches can be played: One Day International, Twenty 20, or Test Cricket. There are two size games – daily games and rounds – which include the One Day Internationals and Twenty20s.
In the USA, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 stipulates and exempts fantasy sports for cash. It included a provision that the law did not apply to fantasy games, educational games, or any online contest “which reflects the relative knowledge of the participants, their ability to respond physically or physically (but not casually) and, if a fantasy or simulation game is involved, has a result that is predominantly determined by accumulating.


  • Gaming platform access without the application download.
  • Before you enjoy the game you do not require KYC verification
  • According to the current number of users, players can construct their unique cricket fantasy squad.
  • It enables the creation of a team based on players’ performance in real games.
  • A team with a maximum of 11 players can be created for players which provides them a sense of play a genuine game.
  • The participants can pay the prizes immediately and pass them on to their bank accounts.
  • Users will also receive Rs. 100 when someone registers using the Jeet11 application for each 1st and 3rd reference, using their reference code and an immunity card.
  • Users receive Rs. 10 as the registration incentive they can use in any contest.
  • Every bonus the participants receive when they win a game, competition, or quiz will be deposited to their PayTM wallets automatically.

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