Is GOQii is an Indian company? GOQii made in India or China?

The Indian fitness technology firm GOQii (pronounced Go-Key) is located in California, providing a wearable mobile-app fitness band with a customized remote guide. But Is GOQii is an Indian company? GOQii made in India or China? Are GOQii products made in china? Many of these questions are being asked by the public. in this article, we will try to clear all your questions regarding the GOQii company

Vishal Gondal, former CEO & Founder of Indiagames, established the firm. GOQii was commercially accessible in India in August 2014, after the end of its beta-beta program in April 2014. Based in Mumbai, India, and Shenzhen (China), the firm intends to spread its services to the Middle East, the USA, and Singapore.

Mitsui, NEA, Megadelta, DSG Consumer Partners, Galaxy Digital, and DSG are among investors including Mr. Akshay Kumar And Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma., Edelweiss, Cheetah Mobile, and GWC.

GOQii features a wearable fitness band that gathers the activity and sleep data of users (called players). A player who evaluates and transmits these statistics through the mobile app is given a personal coach to help him achieve his health and fitness objectives.

The program offers a Hi-5, where a coach may applaud a user. When players accomplish their daily goals, they receive Karma points. You may utilize the points donated by third parties to contribute to your choice of charity in dollars

For customized coaching and access to premium services, a membership charge is paid. The GOQii accompanying app gives users access to social media information and follows up on the Karma Points.

Vishal Gondal has established GOQii, one on a mobile coaching and fitness monitoring business after the sale of his prior firm Indiagames to Disney for over 100M$ in 2011. In 2011. GOQii created the notion of not just utilizing the gadgets but sharing data obtained with a personal trainer who would then provide him personalized advice.

In early 2014, the enterprise started a beta with 1000 members before being launched in India commercially in August.

Only 500 first clients in the US were allowed to start a restricted beta in January 2015. Selected candidates are trained in a free wearable instrument for 12 months via unrestricted chat and monthly video calls using the company’s mobile app.

The debut of two new smart appliances for heart care and diabetes was announced in December 2018 by GOQii. In March 2019, the launch was scheduled. Source GOQii wiki

Is GOQii is an Indian company? GOQii made in India or China?

Brief information on GOQii company

IndustryFitness Technology
FoundedMenlo Park, California 
FounderVishal Gondal
HeadquartersMenlo Park, California
Area servedIndia
Key peopleVishal Gondal (CEO) Akshay Kumar ( Brand Ambassador and advisor)
ProductsGOQii Vital, GOQii Run GPS, GOQii HR, GOQii Stride
Number of employees200-250

What Is GOQii?

GOQii (pronounced “go-key”) is a digital health and fitness subscription service that combines one-on-one mobile personal coaching with fitness tracking technology to assist you in transitioning to a better lifestyle and meeting your objectives.
GOQii solves this by linking your activity tracker or smartwatch to your preferred professional health and fitness coach via the GOQii app.
While fitness trackers and apps are valuable tools, they lack ongoing engagement, motivation, and accountability.

Is GOQii is an Indian company?

GOQii is based in California and has offices in Mumbai and Shenzhen. It aims to make it possible to move continuously to a healthier lifestyle with advanced wearable technology, world-leading experts, coaches, and karma.

GOQii focuses on sustainable engagement and strengthening goals and provides an integrated solution that combines technology with the human connection, providing an integrated entire ecosystem.

GOQii is a collaboration of some of the world’s leading experts and an incredible management team who are motivated by a desire to promote healthy, sustainable living and who believe that we all have limitless potential. GOQii’s mission is to empower millions of people around the world to “be the force” by assisting them in realizing their full potential.

Are GOQii products made in china? | GOQii made in India or China?

GOQii is Designed in India and is manufactured in China.
Responding to Honourable PM Narendra Modi’s Atma Nirbhar Bharat, GOQii is committed to relocating manufacturing to India.
The California-based company, whose flagship product GOQii Vital was designed and developed in India by its subsidiary GOQii technologies, has seen sales increase, particularly since March 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

Device sales at GOQii have increased by 300 percent. The pandemic has highlighted the significance of using wearable devices.

Where is GOQii manufactured?

GOQii products are manufacture in china.
The reasons why a corporation might choose China over India for its manufacturing unit
In order to construct the final product manufactured items are required. The development of these ancillary sectors in China over the years has transformed it into a manufacturing powerhouse.

The low labor cost is the reason why China has always been favored for establishing any manufacturing unit. Despite the fact that labor costs in India are low due to the country’s large population, China was well ahead of India in the 1990s, giving it an advantage. As a result, China already has a solid reputation for manufacturing around the world.
Red tape is one of the causes that deter corporations from establishing manufacturing/business units in India, and it is no better in China. In truth, China has become more rigorous and tougher to conduct business with.
With the new government’s “Make in India” push, there should be a significant increase in the manufacturing sector in India, but only before the Third Industrial Revolution, when 3D printing, robotics, and software automation would replace the majority of unskilled labor positions.

What is the Country of Origin Of GOQii Products? is GOQii made in India?

GOQii Products are Designed, Assembled & Made in India, Manufactured in China

Products made in China are known as Made in China, whereas products made in India by Indian companies are known as Make in India, as many foreign MNCs manufacture products in India, and thus their products are made in India.

Is GOQii Indian?

Goqii is a fitness startup in India that provides fitness coaching as a service. The company was established in 2014. In India, the company has introduced several fitness bands, but its core product remains coaching. Goqii provides a fitness and wellness subscription service.

Vishal Gondal - Founder & CEO - GOQii Inc Who owns GOQii?

Who owns GOQii?

Vishal Gondal – Founder & CEO – GOQii Inc 
Vishal Gondal is a businessman and angel investor from India.
He is the CEO and founder of GOQii.
Gondal started Indiagames, a game development, and publishing company that he sold to DisneyUTV Digital, a division of The Walt Disney Company India, in 2011. From September 2012 to June 2013, he was the Managing Director of The Walt Disney Company India’s Digital division.

On 4 September 2020, Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar announced the upcoming release of FAU-G, a game created by Bengaluru-based nCORE Games under Vishal Gondal, on 26 January 2021.

Who is the Brand Ambassador of GOQii?

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar, the Bollywood actor, has always been a strong supporter of health and fitness. Prior to entering the film profession Akshay has teamed with GOQii, a fitness technology start-up that gives consumers wearable exercise bands that include personalized personal coaching.
The 51-year-old actor has joined GOQii as a partner and strategic advisor. The fitness technology venture offers a wearable fitness band paired with remote tailored coaching.

Who Created GOQii?

Vishal Gondal is the founder and CEO of IndiaGames Ltd, a global computer games developer and publisher in India that was acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2011 for $100 million.

While Gondal was on his way to a healthy lifestyle, he tried nearly every activity tracker and fitness software available, but they were all ineffective.

Following the acquisition of IndiaGames, Gondal worked as Managing Director of UTV Software Communications Limited (now known as Disney UTVDigital )’s Division until June of 2013.

Who is the Brand Ambassador of GOQii?

What Are The Features Of The GOQii Tracker?

Steps, sleep, and active time is all tracked by the GOQii Tracker. It also indicates the time and offers reminder alarms, as well as a touch-screen OLED display, a battery life of up to seven days, and a 360-degree motion sensor. Bluetooth Low Energy, Remote Hi5, and a Vibra Humm Alarm are all included in the tracker. The tracker is both sweat- and water-resistant.

Who Is A GOQii Coach?

Nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness specialists with varied specialties such as weight management, endurance and strength training, marathon training, yoga, stress management, sickness control, and others make up GOQii’s roster of coaches.
They will lead and support you in making long-term gains in your health and well-being by asking strategic questions and applying the skills of motivational interviewing and coaching approach. Coaches from GOQii keep you motivated and accountable.
The core of GOQii’s coaching is to assist you in developing healthy habits that become a part of your daily routine. These habits are developed in partnership with your GOQii Coach in order to be personalized and achievable for you.
Your coach will inquire about your specific long-term health goals, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress. You and your coach will work together to break that down into small, incremental sustainable behavior adjustments that will help you make a permanent shift toward a healthy lifestyle.

Is GOQii a good brand?

Yes With Technozive opinion GOQii is a good brand
GOQii provides a lifestyle coach as well as a doctor, a health locker where you can save all of your medical data, and they now accept NFC payments.
Elegant appearance. It appears to be quite appealing.
The battery life is excellent. Charging once a month is sufficient.
The Android app has improved. Previously, the app was a disadvantage of the GOQii band. The application now has a fresh design as well as additional functions.
Sleep monitoring. It includes a sleep-tracking mode. However, you must manually turn it on. And it works perfectly.

Is the GOQii app safe?

Yes According to Technozive the app is safe
Here are the features listed below
India’s premier smart preventative healthcare firm, staffed with nutrition and fitness professionals to assist you in being healthy, active, and fit!

Video Coaching on GOQii Play
GOQii Play, India’s first health, and fitness OTT platform provides you with access to LIVE Videos by experts on health, nutrition, exercise, Zumba, yoga, meditation, and much more! Learn from professionals, interact with them in real-time, and get answers to your questions.

GOQii Health Store 
GOQii’s own e-commerce site, which offers a wide range of healthy items and services hand-picked by our specialists, such as nutritious food, snacking options, workout equipment and supplements, and so on. You can even schedule lab tests from the convenience of your own home.

GOQii Bonuses
You will receive GOQii Cash points for using GOQii Rewards, which can be redeemed for savings on a variety of health products and services. Keep an eye out for daily flash sales to earn MASSIVE DISCOUNTS.

GOQii Doctor
A GOQii Doctor is a qualified physician who will be available for consultations on the GOQii platform. This is your Lifestyle Doctor, who can provide you with basic health advice as well as second opinions.

GOQii Tracker
The GOQii app is intended to be used in conjunction with GOQii Trackers. Wirelessly sync your GOQii Vital ECG, GOQii HR, GOQii Vital, GOQii Run-GPS, GOQii Element, or GOQii Stride Tracker with your device.

GOQii Arena
This helps you to be influenced and motivated by friends to make a positive lifestyle adjustment and get healthier. You can meet new people, spread the message about health and fitness, and boost your personal fitness and health quotient.

GOQii Karma
This is a philanthropic platform that allows you to help others while achieving your goals. You earn Karma points, which you can use as a virtual currency to donate to any of the worthwhile charities mentioned on the GOQii platform. GOQii’s Karma partners will make a real monetary donation in place of this virtual donation.

 GOQii Personal Coaching
Whether you want to feel better, be healthier, reduce weight, sleep better, or break a negative habit, your GOQii Coach will help you get there. You will receive regular support, inspiration, and knowledge through the app’s unlimited text conversations and scheduled calls.

What is the Net Worth of GOQii?

In the fiscal year 2019, GOQii has 237 workers spread across three sites, $52.6 million in total funding, and $220 million in annual revenue.
The data for the year 2021 is unknown.

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