Is My Pillow Going Out Of Business? -2022

My Pillow is a well-known pillow manufacturing firm situated in Chaska, Minnesota. Until now, the pillow firm has sold over 40 million pillows.

Many stores have ceased ordering the company’s items in recent days.

So, Is My Pillow Going Out Of Business?

Is My Pillow Going Out of Business in 2022?

No, My Pillow is not going out of business. However, several firms, including Walmart, have ceased purchasing the company’s products. As a result, My Pillow Company’s business nearly collapsed and it lost millions of dollars.

A Walmart employee just said that My Pillow’s goods will no longer be available in stores. Those things, however, would be available online.

My Pillow’s inventor and CEO, Mike Lindell, acknowledged that Walmart had banned his items from their shops. They made the decision to cancel the order for these items.
Furthermore, several other firms have opted to drop My Pillow’s goods in order to disassociate themselves from Mike Lindell.

The CEO has also suggested to a Walmart representative that he cut the price of his goods. However, his suggestion was turned down. Lindell claims Walmart will never be able to sell its items again owing to a breach of contract. It implies that My Pillow will continue to offer its products in the future.

Despite the fact that these large corporations have opted to terminate their contracts, some unknown firms continue to purchase items from My Pillow for commercial objectives. Amazon is one of the companies that still offer these items online.

So we may conclude that My Pillow Company is still in business.

Why Are Stores Not Selling My Pillow’s Products?

Stores Not Selling My Pillow’s Products because of the reason Many businesses have said unequivocally that they would not sell any My Pillow items. Because the creator has stated that election fraud occurred. He propagated several erroneous tales.

Lindell’s unfounded charges are the primary reason for his company’s demise. According to Newsweek, he is a staunch admirer of former American President Donald Trump and believes Trump did not lose the election.
According to Newsweek, it is a fraudulent assertion. After bringing up the horrible occurrence that resulted in a violent assault on the United States Capitol, My Pillow’s CEO maintained the misleading story.

Eventually, shops stopped stocking My Pillow’s products. Walmart, on the other hand, has indicated that all goods would be removed from their physical stores.

Not only are these concerns present, but customers are dissatisfied with their products. My Pillow, according to regular sellers, has failed to fulfill client satisfaction.
Customers gave the traditional bed pillow 3.3 stars on Walmart’s website. It lost favor with Walmart‘s regular consumers. As a result, shops are uninterested in carrying My Pillow’s products.

There was also a claim that My pillow slippers were not created in the United States. However, the business claims it was produced in the United States.

What stores have discontinued MyPillow?

Businesses, including Kohl’s, JCPenney, and Bed Bath & Beyond, removed MyPillow goods off their shelves in the days and weeks following the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack.

Why are businesses canceling MyPillow?

Businesses canceled orders for My Pillow items in December 2018, following claims of sexual misconduct and bigotry by business founder and CEO Mike Lindell. Lindell has rejected the charges, but harm has been done to his image.

Why is Walmart pulling MyPillow?

Walmart announced the pullout of MyPillow items from its shops, as the pillow company’s founder and CEO, Mike Lindell, continues to erroneously assert that the 2020 presidential election was rigged against former President Trump.

Why did Costco get rid of MyPillow?

Slow sales have been reported by certain merchants. Costco is the second-largest store to discontinue MyPillow items, behind Kroger. Lindell told Insider that Costco sold out of their MyPillow inventory and then stopped buying additional shipments. He attributed the action to “cancel culture.”

Did Kohl’s Remove MyPillow?

“Kohl’s has decided to discontinue the MyPillow brand due to reduced consumer demand,” the store stated in a statement. We will sell our present inventory and will not purchase any further or future inventory from the brand.

Does Target sell MyPillow?

Target has already discontinued the My Pillow product line, although some resellers may still be utilizing original packaging from retailers such as Target or Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) in their ‘As Seen on TV’ area.

Businesses Cancel MyPillow


Hope you got the answer to Is My Pillow Going Out Of Business it is not going out of business the reason is quite controversial

A Walmart official confirmed to Insider that MyPillow items will be discontinued in stores but would remain accessible online. Other retailers have taken a similar position against Lindell.

As the pillow company’s founder and CEO Mike Lindell continues to erroneously assert that the 2020 presidential election was rigged against former President Trump, MyPillow items have been removed from stores.

Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, QVC, JCPenney, and Wayfair all discontinued MyPillow goods in April 2021.