What Are Starbucks Partner Hours? (App, Guide, Download)More for 2023

Starbucks partner hours are the hours that company allows to work. They are separate from regular, full-time hours, and they vary depending on position and store location.

For some, partner hours may be shorter or longer than their full-time counterparts. Partner hours are generally considered to be more flexible than full-time hours, and they give us the opportunity to work around schedules a bit more.

That said, they can also be a bit more unpredictable, as they may change week to week depending on the needs of the store.

In this post, we will discuss Starbucks partner hours in more detail, including how they work and what you can expect if you decide to work with them.

What are Starbucks partner hours?

Starbucks partner hours are the hours that a Starbucks employee works. They are typically scheduled in advance and can vary depending on the store location and the needs of the business.

Some stores may require partners to work early morning or late night shifts, while others may have more flexible hours. Partners typically receive their schedule for the upcoming week on Sunday evenings.

How do Starbucks partner hours work?

Starbucks partner hours are a system where employees can trade shifts with each other in order to accommodate their schedules. This system is beneficial for both employees and the company, as it allows for more flexible scheduling and helps to keep staffing levels consistent.

To request a shift swap, employees must first find another partner who is willing to trade shifts with them. Once both parties have agreed to the swap, they must submit a request form to their manager for approval. Once the request is approved, the shift swap will be reflected in the employee’s schedule.

If an employee needs to cancel a shift or make any other changes to their schedule, they must first find another partner who is willing to take on their shift.
The same process of submitting a request form to the manager for approval applies. If an employee cannot find another partner to cover their shift, they may be subject to disciplinary action from the company.

The Starbucks partner hours system is designed to be fair and equitable for all employees. It helps to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work the hours that they need, while also providing some flexibility in scheduling.

What are the benefits of Starbucks partner hours?

Starbucks partner hours are a great way for employees to get discounts on food and drink items. Employees can also take advantage of special offers and promotions that are available during these times.

Starbucks partner hours can help save money on groceries, travel, and other expenses.

In addition, employees can use their time during partner hours to relax and enjoy themselves.

Why is my Starbucks partner app not working?

If you’re a Starbucks partner and you’re having trouble with your app, there are a few things you can check. First, make sure that you have the latest version of the app installed.
If you’re still having trouble, try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, try deleting and reinstalling the app.

Still not working? Check your internet connection to make sure you’re connected to the network. If you’re still having trouble, contact Starbucks customer support for help.

How to download the Starbucks Partner Hours app

Assuming you have an iPhone, downloading the Starbucks Partner Hours app is easy:

Total Time: 5 minutes


Open the App Store on your phone and search for “Starbucks Partner Hours”


Tap on the first result, which should be the app developed by Starbucks Coffee Company


Once you’re on the app’s page, tap “Get” then “Install”

Add Your Credentials


That’s it! Now you can view your current work schedule, request time off, and more right from your phone.


  • Internet


  • You Android Or IOS Device

Materials: Software

How to use Starbucks partner hours

In order to take advantage of Starbucks partner hours, employees must first sign up for an account on the Starbucks website.
Once they have done so, they can then login and view a calendar of available hours.
To sign up for an account, employees will need to provide their name, email address, and date of birth.

Once they have logged in, employees can view a list of upcoming partner hours.
They can also search for specific days or times, and filter the results by location.
When they find a shift that works for them, they can click on the “Sign Up” button to reserve that spot.

If an employee needs to cancel their reservation, they can do so by logging back into their account and clicking on the “Cancel” button next to the relevant shift. Cancellations must be made at least 2 hours before the start of the shift in order to avoid being charged a fee.

Pros and cons of using the Starbucks partner hours app

The Starbucks partner hours app is a great tool for employees to use to track their hours and schedule. However, there are some pros and cons to using this app.

  1. The biggest pro of using the Starbucks partner hours app is that it makes it very easy for employees to track their hours.
  2. They can simply log in to the app and input their start and end times for each shift. This information is then stored in the app so that employees can easily reference it later on.
  3. Additionally, the app sends out reminders to employees when their shifts are approaching so that they can be sure to clock in on time.

However, there are also some cons to using the Starbucks partner hours app.

  1. One of the biggest drawbacks is that the app can be very glitchy at times.
  2. Employees have reported that the app has frozen or crashed on them while they were trying to input their information. 
  3. Additionally, some employees have said that the reminders sent out by the app are not always accurate.
  4. Overall, while the Starbucks partner hours app has some great features, it also has some downfalls that should be considered before using it.

What It’s Like to be a Starbucks Partner-Video

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If you’re a Starbucks employee, you may be wondering what partner hours are. Partner hours are the number of hours per week that each partner is scheduled to work. The average partner works around 32 hours per week, but this can vary depending on the store’s needs and the partner’s availability.

Partners also have the opportunity to pick up additional shifts or trade shifts with other partners to create a schedule that works best for them. So if you’re looking for a flexible job with some great perks, Starbucks might be the place for you.