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MIVI COLLAR 2B Review-Best Price, Features, And Specs

MIVI collar 2B wireless earphones Reviews with pros and cons

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A new example is the MIVI Collar 2B wireless neckband. As an advantage, the firm understands what Indians want from them and strives to meet those expectations. To be more specific, it offers high-quality audio equipment as well as various accessories at reasonable prices.MIVI is one of the few Indian firms that produces all of its products in the country. and is just Rs. 1,399. In addition, there are six color possibilities. The MIVI COLLAR 2B is available for purchase on MIVI’s own website as well as other e-commerce sites. Before you place your order, look over my MIVI Collar 2B review and double-check your limitations.

MIVI COLLAR 2B Review-Design & Build Quality 

MIVI collar 2B wireless earbuds are very lightweight and come in a variety of colors. The left side collar of these mivi collar earphones features a volume and multimedia control function key as well as a Micro USB charging port. We can absolutely say that these earbuds are manufactured in India, from design to production. Or boldly state manufactured in India since it is created locally to compete worldwide, the branding on mivi collar earphones is done beautifully, these mivi collar earphones give a comfy design, and the earbuds fit in the ear perfectly.

Mivi collar 2B has a superb construction design and is built of high-quality materials. The controls for this Bluetooth earphone are incorporated into the neckband. The volume controls let you quickly adjust your playlists, and the power button allows you to handle your receiving calls.

Comfort & Usage Of MIVI collar 2B wireless earphones Reviews 


Silicon is a strong substance that is also flexible and pleasant. The weight is also light. That means you can wear it for an extended amount of time without feeling self-conscious. The earbuds also fit firmly in the ears, and you never have any pain or discomfort after using them for more than a few hours.

You can use the multifunction button and the volume up/down bar to reject or accept calls, put a call on hold and pick up another, switch between calls, redial the last number, wake up voice assistants, manage media contents, adjust volume, and much more. The multifunction button, in particular, needs to be more clicky. To operate the media or make calls, you must press the buttons very hard each time. Otherwise, all of the components are adequate.

MIVI COLLAR 2B Review-Audio Quality


For less than Rs.1,500, you can get decent earphones. One of the few exceptions is the MIVI COLLAR 2B. You could say that MIVI’s audio claims on paper are correct. The 10mm audio driver inside creates a high-quality stereo audio output with strong bass. You will undoubtedly get a percent listening experience under a certain volume level, around 60%, that can easily challenge other audio products that cost just double.

These mivi collar earphones have excellent audio quality and a unique signature sound that will astound you.

The dynamic drivers elevate your listening experience to something you could never imagine before, with balanced bass, treble, and vocals.

You can use these mivi earphones to make crystal clear phone calls.

Note that using these headphones at full volume can cause long-term damage to your ears. It does, however, apply to everyone.

MIVI COLLAR 2B Review-Battery Backup 


The MIVI COLLAR 2B is powered by a 500mAh battery that can last up to 17 hours on paper at 70% volume. In the real world, I get about 12 hours of backup time, which is sufficient. During the last two hours, I used the earphone at 80 percent volume and also tried dual pairing mode. According to the manufacturer, charging the earphone takes about 40 minutes. The LED will turn blue to indicate this.

This neckband has a quick-charging feature as well. During rush hour, charge for 10 minutes and you’ll be good for about 10 hours.

MIVI COLLAR 2B Review-Connectivity 

These mivi earphones have dual pairing connectivity options, which is an interesting feature that allows users to pair two devices with the earphones at the same time, as well as control both devices at the same time.

MIVI included Bluetooth 5.0 to handle the connectivity. The Bluetooth version isn’t particularly surprising; it’s the dual pairing mode that will catch you off guard. It switches from one device to the next almost instantly. There is no latency, and the connection lasts for about 12 feet, sometimes even longer if the pillars or other obstacles are removed.

MIVI COLLAR 2B Pros and Cons

Better than expected audio qualityMicroUSB Charging Port
Solid BrassTolerable build quality
Dual pairingNo noise cancellation
Fast Charging
Low cost


If you look closely, the MIVI COLLAR 2B has all of the necessary features to satisfy the needs of an audiophile who cannot afford a high-end earphone. It has excellent audio quality, some premium features that actually work, a good battery life, and more for just Rs.1,399! Furthermore, there are six color options to choose from.

MIVI is doing a fantastic job and is on the right track with affordable audio products and accessories that don’t skimp on quality. In the coming days, I’m hoping to see more examples like MIVI Coller 2.

Also If you’re looking for Bluetooth earphones with decent and excellent audio quality for listening to music and calling that also support charging and have a long battery life, this is the product for you.

This product is not recommended for gamers due to audio delivery latency; however, it is a great product overall, and I recommend it for this price range because it is a good value for money product that is also made in India.

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Charged to the max 10 minutes = 10 hours Mivi Collar 2B, the next-generation Bluetooth earphones, features Super Charging. Immersive Signature Sound- The Collar 2B neckband earphones feature dynamic drivers and sound that has been fine-tuned to take your listening experience to new heights. Collar 2B Bluetooth earphones produce a balanced, deep, and powerful bass, and are designed for bass-obsessed audiophiles. Superior Calling: Hear and be heard clearly with crystal clear calling. The use of a MEMS microphone allows for a more advanced calling experience. Superior Design: These earphones are super light and come in 6 beautiful colors, and they are made with the finest and premium materials. Now you can proudly wear it around your neck or show it off from beneath your shirt's collar. With the touch of a button, you can play, pause, skip track, play next, and mute your music and calls. Dual Pairing: With this pair of Bluetooth wireless earphones, you can connect to two devices at once. So you can listen to music while watching movies on your laptop and take phone calls at the same time. Collar 2B is proudly manufactured in India, from design to manufacturing. It is constructed on a local level to compete on a global scale.MIVI COLLAR 2B Review-Best Price, Features, And Specs