YES, The Chromecast YouTube app is found, providing new UIs and many more (2021)


Google appears to be improving the Chromecast linked TV for YouTube experience, as some users have noted. The search giant not only provides more features but also improves the user interface on TV, making it look like a faux YouTube program.

If you own a Chromecast linked TV, you know the process of casting a video in the lower-left corner from your phone to your TV, whereby you can only see a video player with simple info, such as the channel name, the view count, the date and the time. When you’ve finished watching the video, you return to a splash screen labeled “Ready to Watch.”

However, according to 9to5Google, a few people have begun to have a distinct experience. According to them, the player now has more features, including the ability to change resolution, near captions, subtitles, and access to “Stats for nerds.”

They can also add new videos to the playlist/queue. Furthermore, the splash screen is no longer shown in the modified version. It also has a home screen with tips on what to watch next, equivalent to what Android TV does.

More information on Chromecast:

Casting a video from your phone to a Chromecast-enabled television previously only loaded a video player with basic information (channel name, view count, date, and time) in the bottom-left corner. You’ll be taken back to a “Ready to watch” splash screen with instructions once the clip is finished.

Google is bringing a much more powerful — especially in terms of player controls — and engaging YouTube experience to its low-cost streaming dongles with this new app. There are obvious benefits to sharing browsing and being able to do more on your home’s largest screen.

This YouTube app for Chromecast is still in beta, and both users’ accounts have been deleted. We haven’t been able to duplicate it on our computers.

Instead of being taken to the splash screen when the video ends, the user is taken to a homescreen with recommendations for what to watch next, similar to Android TV. The option to sign in was also available via the Watch on TV link.

This YouTube for Chromecast app has been discovered by at least two users, with on Reddit capturing a settings screen on the ChromecastUltra. The “Version” number indicates that this is a “web” experience, while “Client” indicates that it is HTML5-based. Users can clear their watch and search histories, as well as reset the app.

Some YouTube users are now getting a completely different experience, which begins with the appearance of a remote control in the YouTube mobile app. The Chromecast/TV player allows users to adjust resolution, closed captions, subtitles, and even access “Stats for Nerds.” They also have the ability to add new videos to the queue/playlist.

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Although a few users have encountered the latest YouTube for Chromecast app, u/garethonreddit has managed to capture an image of the Chromecast Ultra’s settings interface. It’s obvious from the picture that this is a web version, but the “Client” says it’s HTML5-based. They could also clear the watch and search records, as well as the “Reset app.”

According to the article, Google has yet to mention a YouTube app for Chromecast users, and the current GUI has since vanished for all users.

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