Walmart Facts And History-Everything About Walmart

By Hemaja Burud  Pubslished: Jan 30,2022


Walmart, Inc., formerly Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., an American discount retailer and one of the world's largest corporations, was one of the world's largest retailers and corporations.

Sam Walton founded Wal-Mart in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962, with an early focus on rural areas to avoid direct competition with retailing behemoths like Sears and Kmart.


It entered international markets with the opening of a store in Mexico, and growth continued in countries such as Canada, China, Germany, and the United Kingdom, either through new stores or the acquisition of established retailers.


Walmart Inc.'s president and CEO is Doug McMillon. Walmart is making life easier for busy families and gaining customer trust under Doug's leadership.


In the years since, Wal-Mart has remained a global leader, and in the 2010s, it began to acquire a number of e-commerce companies, including and Moosejaw. The company's name was changed to Walmart in 2018.


Low Prices Every Day. Walmart's strategy is built around the concept of "Every Day Low Prices."


Walmart has approximately 10,500 stores and clubs in 24 countries, as well as eCommerce websites, under 48 banners. THEY  have 2.2 million associates worldwide, with nearly 1.6 million in the United States alone.


In fiscal year 2021, customers visited Walmart stores around the world an average of 240 million times per week, down from 265 million on a weekly basis a year earlier.


Crossgates Commons in Albany, New York, is home to the world's largest Supercenter, which spans two floors and covers 260,000 square feet (24,000 square metres).


 Its main business strategy is to "be competitive in terms of assortment, differentiating with how people access, leading in terms of price, and delivering an incredible experience with the EDLP motto" (Every Day Low Prices).


According to the Fortune Global 500 list for 2020, Walmart is the world's largest company by revenue, with $548.743 billion.