Verizon quietly hikes prices similar to AT&T



Verizon announced cost "adjustments" include a $1.35 per voice line administrative charge rise to $3.30.

However, the carrier told CNET last Friday that it was also hiking prices for older shared data agreements, and those pricing are remarkably comparable to those AT&T announced.

A Verizon representative said "While we advise our Shared Data Plan customers to switch to an unlimited plan to take advantage of all we have to offer, we are not mandating it.

To account for the increased expense of sustaining these legacy plans, we will be implementing a rate plan adjustment in the upcoming statement for the few  customers on these accounts.

A plan rate adjustment fee of $6 for a single-line phone account and $12 for multi-line phone accounts will be assessed to wireless postpaid consumer customers on all metered shared data plans.

These days, it seems like cellular pricing is all over the place as inflation concerns drive up prices while other companies try to drive them down.

AT&T CFO Pascal Desroches issued a warning about potential future pricing rises this week at an investor conference hosted by Credit Suisse.

The CFO of AT&T foresees additional pricing increases. Analysts at New Street Research assessed the effects of pricing rises in the wireless industry in a report for investors on Thursday.