Tree trimmer dies after falling into wood chipper



According to investigators, a tree trimmer died after falling into a wood chipper while working.

The event happened on Tuesday about 12:53 p.m. in Menlo Park, California, some 30 miles south of San Francisco,

when the Menlo Park Police Department responded to a report of a tree trimmer who had accidently fallen into a wood chipper on the 900 block of Peggy Lane while working.

"When police units got on the site, a male individual was discovered deceased from injuries received in the altercation,"

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District as well as the San Mateo County Coroner's Office responded to the unfortunate tragedy.

The roadway was closed as officials performed their investigation, but all other routes in the neighborhood remained open.

The worker's identity has not yet been revealed, and he is now under the authority of the coroner's office while the male victim's next of kin is notified.

It is unknown when they will make another comment about the victim's identification, and the coroner's office has not released any other information about the event.

The Cal/OSHA Division of Occupational Safety and Health will examine his death, according to the Menlo Park Police Department.