Tim Allen Becomes Butt Of The Joke After His Whine About 'Woke'

The actor's Twitter complaint quickly backfired

Author by Rutik tiwari

On Monday, actor Tim Allen posted his anger with "woke" and "wokees," which made his name trend in the wrong ways

Allen is the star of the popular "Home Improvement" tv series and the "Santa Clause" movies


He has also taken issue with the way conservatives like himself are portrayed, "Dangerous"


“There’s nothing more dangerous to me, especially in this climate, than a funny, likable conservative,” he said during a 2017 appearance

Actor added: "Do wokees have a club house in someone’s backyard or maybe a cute yet safe playpen somewhere?"

He stated this on “Norm Macdonald Live” while discussing ABC’s cancellation of his sitcom “Last Man Standing.”

Allen stated in 2017 that he had attended Donald Trump's presidency and that he enjoyed the Trump administration

"Biden was on 60 minutes. I heard he asked how long the show was," Allen wrote

Tim Allen goes viral for biden joke

He tried but Allen’s latest attempt to push buttons caused many to push back

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