The True Story of Netflix's The Watcher



In Netflix's The Watcher, a couple's dream house becomes a horrible nightmare.

Ryan Murphy's limited series is based on a true incident that is almost too horrific to comprehend.

Shortly after moving in, the couple begins getting threatening letters from someone claiming to be "The Watcher."

This unwanted penpal proceeds to harass the family in ways that any American Horror Story viewer would recognize.

Continue reading if you dare to hear the true tale behind Netflix's latest horror series, which may make you reconsider signing your next lease.

The real-life pair Derek and Maria Broaddus inspired the Brannocks in The Watcher.

The couple got their first letter from "The Watcher" three days after closing on their Westfield, New Jersey house in June 2014.

The family had yet to move into their new house due to the renovation—and the frightening letter—and The Watcher looked eager to see them do so.

The writer wondered if they would allow their children, whom he referred to as "young blood," play in the basement.

Derek and Maria stopped bringing their children to what was meant to be their new home after the second letter.