The Future of Passwords in the US Looks Completely Different



Passwords have been out of favor for quite some time.

Creating a secure password is never easy; most password-protected accounts advise users to use a complex sequence of characters to make their passwords more difficult to guess or hack.

Because it is impossible to remember these complex passwords, most users use an easy-to-remember alternative for all of their online accounts.

Others use password managers to secure and manage all of their complex passwords, which is a safer but slightly more time-consuming option.

However, neither method is completely secure: if your device is infected with malware, password managers can be hacked, and reused passwords can be easily compromised.

According to CSO, another possible solution is two-factor authentication, but even that can be hacked.

Rather than developing new methods to manage passwords, Big Tech has decided that it is time to phase them out entirely.

Microsoft, Apple, and Google have announced plans to expand their support for the FIDO Alliance and World Wide Web Consortium's passwordless sign-in standard.