The best of CES 2022

-By  Hemaja Burud

Here are the most interesting goods we've seen at CES 2022.

It wasn't highly attended, but it was jam-packed with cutting-edge technology.

CES 2022 has recently concluded in Las Vegas, and despite ending one day early


Samsung's newest "Fan Edition" phone wasn't limited to CES, but it was certainly a highlight of the event.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE


TCL's new NXTPAPER 10s may have arrived at the perfect combines a Tran reflective display and patented light polymerization technology to make it gentler on the eyes.

TCL NXTPAPER 10s tablet


The projector is intelligent enough to handle automated focus, levelling, and picture alignment. That's quite a feat for a handheld projector.

Samsung Freestyle projector


The controller features an X-Box-like form and button layout, making it suitable for Game Pass. Of course, it will work well for other game streaming providers as well as local games.

HyperX Clutch


This is the first CES with the new and better OnePlus, which has been integrated with Oppo and now operates as a sub-brand rather than a distinct organisation.

OnePlus 10 Pro


 The results have been varied, but Google has now backed one of them. Motorola Sound's $90 MA1 will be available shortly.

Motorola MA1 Android Auto dongle


The Flex S is a tri-fold gadget that, when closed, is roughly the size and form of a smartphone, but when unfolded, it becomes tablet-sized. 

Samsung Foldable Concepts

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