The Best International Phone Plans-Google Fi, T-Mobile and AT&T


If you're getting ready to resume international travel, making sure you have the right cell phone plan can help you save money.

I'll share my top picks for the best and cheapest international phone plans, including options that work on the networks of all major carriers.

Best Overall International Phone Plan

Google Fi Flexible

Network --T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular Price -- $20/month + $10/GB

– International calls to 50+ destinations – International data abroad in 200+ destinations with no extra roaming cost – Includes all the same international features as T-Mobile Magenta for a lower cost


Best International Phone Plan From a Major Carrier

T-Mobile Magenta

Network --T-Mobile  Price --$70/month for one line (taxes & fees included)

– Unlimited talk, text and data (100GB of premium data) in the U.S. – Unlimited texting and 2G data in 210+ destinations


Best International Day Pass Option

AT&T Unlimited Starter

Network --AT&T Price --$65/month per line (plus taxes & fees)

– Unlimited texting from U.S. to 120+ countries – Unlimited talk, text and (slowed) data in Mexico and Canada


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