The Best Android Games Coming in 2022

By Hemaja Burud Published: Jan 11, 2022


Torchlight: Infinite

In 2022, the hack-and-slash franchise will make its mobile debut. Set decades after the last  edition,

Diablo Immortal

 it's been rumoured for so long that it's significantly stretched the definition of the phrase "upcoming." When it does arrive, though, it will be a portable version 

Apex Legends Mobile

The next big success in the home shooter genre to find its way into your pocket. hero-based battle royal blasting that has made the console and PC versions of the game so popular.

Out There: Oceans of Time

A fitting follow-up to the space-exploration roguelite. It appears to be a continuation of everything that made the original so fascinating.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

Three polished versions of classic GTA games in a stylish bundle. It hasn't received a warm welcome on home consoles, but it may function well on mobile devices.

Just Cause: Mobile

If there is an award this year for the mobile game with the most outrageous explosions, we believe Just Cause: Mobile will win.

Star Wars Hunters

A Star Wars-themed team-based hero shooter. Choose a character, form a team with your friends, then blast some other people's faces off.

Death Carnival

Probably the only game on this list that can compete with Just Cause in terms of explosions. Participate in a lethal, futuristic game show involving murder.

Payday: Crime War

This one has technically been out for a while, but it's back with some more polish and even more crimes for you to be involved in. Rob banks,and put on awesome masks.

Honkai Star Rail

The next Honkai entry takes place on a gigantic space train. At the very least, a big space train is involved.