'Terrifier 2' Is Making People Faint And Vomit In Theatres

Here's why it is so unpleasant to watch the "brutal" clown slasher  movie!

Author : Rutik tiwari

The horror movie, focused on the horrific resurrection of a sadistic clown named Art has earned $2.3 million on just 700 screens

Social media users posted their terrible tales of seeing "Terrifier 2" claiming that people are crying and vomiting in theatres

A producer of the movie even posted a warning about "graphic violence" and "brutal depictions of horror" on Twitter

The 2016 horror film "Terrifer," which was directed by Damien Leone, is continued by "Terrifier 2"

What is ‘Terrifier 2’ about?

A character by the name of Tara Heyes becomes Art the Clown's sadistic obsession. Art the Clown is a scary killer whose face is painted with black-and-white clown makeup

In the original film

After being revived by "a sinister entity," Art returns to Miles County in "Terrifier 2" and sets his eyes on a teen girl and her younger sibling

“People in the audience were gasping, covering their eyes, and a few times I even heard retching sounds from a woman a few seats over”

@therealsirw2 tweeted :

"Viewers who are prone to sickness, faint or who have weak stomachs are recommended to use utmost caution"

Executive producer Steven Barton tweeted

There have already been numerous instances of fainting and vomiting in theaters. For those choosing to continue, you’ve been warned”

He added