Tech’s  Top 10 Megatrends For 2022

By Burud hemaja

From cloud computing to self-driving cars to 5G, here's what to keep an eye on.


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Now it's time to look ahead to the next ten major technological trends and which companies have the most potential to win big in 2022.

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Cloud computing

Top pick: Amazon


Amazon AMZN has enjoyed the leadership position in Cloud for some time, and its AWS business now tops $16 billion in revenue a quarter. Amazon's stock price has badly lagged the S&P 500 SPX in 2021 with a gain of only 4.8%.


Top pick: Roblox


Roblox RBLX has spent 17 years creating immersive experiences that could be considered the Metaverse. It claims that half of U.S. children are on the platform and that a developer community of 10 million has created more than 24 million experiences on the Roblox platform.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Top pick: NVIDIA


NVIDIA's stock-market value has gone north of $760 billion and is on its way to $1 trillion. Investors have shaken off its increasingly unlikely bid to acquire ARM. The company offers the software, hardware, and frameworks needed to implement AI at scale.


Top pick: AMD


AMD's stock has risen 67% through Dec. 28. The company claimed a 10% market share in the datacenter server space for the first time since 2007. That growth has been critical to the company's top-line growth and its increasing margins.


Top pick: Qualcomm


5G will be used in more than 560 million handsets by 2021. Qualcomm QCOM is a leading chip maker and licenser of 5G technologies that goes into nearly every 5G-enabled handset. The year ahead will be another big year for 5G, including automotive, IoT, infrastructure and more.

Digital transformation

Top pick: Microsoft


Revenue and profit continue to grow every quarter under Satya Nadella. Its portfolio from software to cloud to devices is one of the most comprehensive to meet the needs of enterprises. It's hard to see how Microsoft's stock doesn't continue its ascent.

E-commerce and customer experience

Top pick: Adobe


Adobe's stock took a significant hit after its earnings and investor day. The company's stack of creative and experience technologies for marketers puts it in the pole position for a strong bounce back. Adobe's experience cloud, which enjoys a rising TAM to more than $200 billion by 2024, is something worth watching.

Enterprise collaboration

Top pick: Microsoft


Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl is currently slated for an April 28th release. The first in the series of four games to be released on consoles. This post-apocalyptic survival FPS may not be a laugh a minute, but it's sure to be tense.

Autonomous vehicle/ADAS technology

Top pick: Intel Mobileye


Mobileye, now currently part of Intel INTC, is set to deliver big returns to shareholders in 2022. With more than 100 million eyeQ ADAS units shipped by Mobileye to date, I believe this could be an even bigger winner for investors who get in on Mobileye's impending IPO.

Enterprise software

Top pick: Salesforce


Salesforce CRM has been extraordinarily stable in its growth, and I'm increasingly optimistic about its platform. The company has made several significant acquisitions in MuleSoft, Tableau and Slack. Its humble 15% stock-market gain through Dec. 28 makes it a smart pick for a pop in 2022.

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