Prada and Gucci at Goodwill?

GOODWILL is making its first major online effort with GoodwillFinds,

 a curated marketplace of donated products that aims to compete with Poshmark Inc and RealReal Inc,

secondhand sites where reselling has become a sport for customers looking to flip expensive brands for profit.

The site, which launched with over 100,000 items that typically fill the racks and shelves of brick-and-mortar Goodwill stores such as clothes,toys, and housewares,

 chock full of unique high-end finds such as a retro red patent leather Gucci bag selling for US$499.99 (RM2,228), black suede Prada shoes priced at US$220

and a Burberry sapphire crystal Swiss watch selling for US$230.85.

 Last year, the nonprofit, which was formed over a century ago, produced more than US$5.4 billion in donated products

According to GoodwillFinds CEO Matthew Kaness, the net earnings are used to help over 100,000 people

each year be trained and put in full-time jobs. There is an additional benefit for the environment.