Addresses ‘Super Freaky Girl’ Grammys Switch From Rap to Pop Category

Nicki Minaj :

source from hyperbeast

Nicki Minaj has reacted to "Super Freaky Girl" being moved from the GRAMMYs rap to pop category

source from Hyperbeast

stating that certain individuals are "moving the goalposts" for her in order to profit from her success

source from Hyperbeast

“They stay moving the goalposts when it comes to me, because in order for them to uplift the people who they want to shine,” she said on Instagram

“If you move ‘Super Freaky Girl’ out of rap and put it in pop, do the same thing for ‘Big Energy' Same producers on both songs

- Nicki said

“What do you think is going to happen when they start voting on these pop categories? white or whatever they’re from, older or whatever

and they have to decide between Nicki Minaj and Harry Styles or Nicki Minaj and Adele,” she stated

“Like, that’s purposely designed so that Nicki is not in the category that we don’t want any competition in. ‘Put her in there so she has less of a chance to win.’

But Black women rarely, even though we’re the most powerful group on the planet — a lot of times we don’t speak up until it’s too late.”

Minaj continued in airing her anger with the Recording Academy, stating that those in charge of the votes are working to prevent her from taking the prize

According to THR source, "Super Freaky Girl" was moved due to its "playful and pop-sounding song sampling Rick James' 1981 classic "Super Freak."