NATO President and CEO John Fithian is retiring



Fithian and his staff celebrated National Cinema Day during Labor Day weekend as one of the last icings on the cake.

Using $3 movie tickets, in an effort to increase revenue to cinemas during a lull period without blockbuster films

The Saturday of National Cinema Day surpassed the total weekend admissions for Labor Day weekend 2021 by 8 million admissions.

when Disney/Shang-Chi Marvel's and the Legend of the Ten Rings rescued audiences from the pandemic's doldrums.

When Sony was coping with the North Korean hack and the aftermath of the James Franco-Seth Rogen film The Interview,

Fithian and NATO are collaborating with security and law enforcement organizations to assess the danger level.

NATO ultimately notified its members that it was fine not to display The Interview and to postpone it due to safety concerns over the 2014 holiday season.

While NATO never directed its members how to operate their businesses, they were there to raise the alarm and provide advice when things went wrong.

Fithian shouted at a resurrected NATO-sponsored CinemaCon this past April.

"I am glad to declare that simultaneous release is no longer a viable economic model, and piracy is to blame," he said to cheers.