Massive speed improvements are coming to T-Mobile 5G



According to T-Mobile USA, this was accomplished for the first time on a live production network.

T-Mobile has combined numerous frequency channels using carrier aggregation to reach speeds of more than 3Gbps on its standalone 5G network (5G SA).

The US mobile carrier successfully created 210MHz of mid-range capacity by combining two lots of spectrum in the 2.5GHz band with another in the 1900MHz band.

T-Mobile claims that utilising a commercial device, it is the first time an operator has accomplished such a feat on a live production network.

Customers might profit sooner rather than later, in this case from a Samsung Galaxy S22 powered by Qualcomm's technology.

T-Mobile already employs carrier aggregation in select areas of its network, giving consumers access to the two 2.5GHz channels.

Anyone with a Galaxy S22 will be able to enjoy the top transmission rate when the third 1900MHz channel is activated later this year.

This test shows the extraordinary capability of mid-band spectrum and is a significant step towards standalone 5G, according to Neville Ray, T-president Mobile's of technology.

Only T-Mobile is currently offering consumers a countrywide standalone 5G network, and we're leading the way with new performance-enhancing features.

"According to T-Mobile, its 5G network now has 315 million US customers, 225 million of whom can use its fastest "Ultra Capacity 5G" service.

Voice over New Radio (VoNR), which enables users to make and receive phone calls via 5G, has started to roll out in some areas according to the magenta-obsessed operator.

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