the pioneering radio host who read moving song dedications to a long line of loyal listeners

Art Laboe

During his eight-decade broadcast career, was credited with helping in the end of segregation in Southern California

According to Joanna Morones, Laboe passed on Friday night at home in Palm Springs, California, from pneumonia

joanna morones is the spokesperson for Laboe's production company, Dart Entertainment

source from TET

He organized live DJ events at drive-in diners that attracted listeners of all races to dance to rock & roll, include white, Black, and Latino.

An older generation that was still into Big Band and Frank Sinatra music was shocked by those shows

He founded Original Sound Record, Inc. and issued "Oldies But Goodies: Vol. 1" as a compilation album in 1958.

His baritone voice inspired listeners to dedicate songs and seek for a rock 'n' roll love ballad from 1950s

His radio shows, provided a platform for families to connect with their family by dedicating music and giving heartfelt notes and updates.

He even moved to California, attended Stanford University, and served in the US Navy during WWII