HBO releases crummy commercial for another Christmas Story sequel

Peter Billingsley and his glasses are back for another round of BB gun related hijinx

Author by Rutik tiwari

 Peter Billingsley’s nearsighted eyes. Well, based on the teaser that was posted earlier today, that is actually all it has going for it

 The teaser includes images of Ralphie Parker's Cleveland house, where the young child has dreams of killing someone in his front yard

This ardent defender of the second amendment as well as children's gun rights is back for another round of rocking the Christmas tree

Other than nostalgia, there's no sign of the story or emotions The whole thing feels more like a commercial for a reunion special

 That is Until our fictional Batman decides to wear his cape and cowl,  Yes, Ralphie is back

 this isn’t the first time we’ve had a Parker family holiday imposed upon us, it has happened plenty of times

First: 1976’s The Phantom of the Open Hearth, followed by the 1988 Jean Shepherd-penned TV movie and so on..

 We were all today years old when we discovered that actor Scott Farkus’ name is actually “Scut.”

On November 17, HBO Max will release A Christmas Story Christmas, just in time for the holidays