Google Chrome is the most insecure browser.

--By  Hemaja Burud

Google Chrome users must exercise caution when browsing the web, whereas Safari users are not exempt.

Google Chrome is the most vulnerable browser on the market, according to a report published on Wednesday by Atlas VPN.

So far, the browser had 303 vulnerabilities in 2022, for a total of 3,159 cumulative vulnerabilities.

Google Chrome is the only browser that has experienced new vulnerabilities in the last five days of October.

These flaws are not yet detailed in the database, but Atlas VPN claims they can cause memory corruption.

As of October 5, Microsoft Edge had 103 vulnerabilities, 61% more than the entire year of 2021.

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Safari, for example, has some of the lowest levels of vulnerability. Since its release, it has had 806 vulnerabilities.

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The Chromium browser engine is shared by Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

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The open-source Chromium project creates the source code used by all Chromium-based browsers.

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Because each company creates their browsers in a different way, not all flaws will affect all of these browsers.

People should keep their browsers up to date in order to stay safe on the internet.

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