Facebook's Legs Video Was a Lie



According to a later statement by Meta, "the section included animations developed using motion capture."

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stage earlier this week to explain that, after spending billions of dollars to develop a virtual reality realm,

That looked like it was from 2004, but his business was working on updating it to seem like it was from 2009.

This update included the fact that avatars would soon have legs rather than just floating torsos.

As Ethan described at the time, it was a very strange video in a very strange place.

Today's concept is definitely an evolution of that early depiction, ushering the VR platform past titles like Fire Emblem.

And this despite Meta only investing $10 billion in technology this year. Who knows what another minor windfall will bring?

A booming market for VR foot photos might propel the Oculus shop into the black.

We may appear to be being absurd here, but keep in mind that the live conversation is running alongside the virtual audience seeing everything occur.