Do You Want to See 200 Louis Vuitton Trunks?

Author - Hemaja Burud

The 660 Madison Avenue location of Barneys New York has reopened — but not for shopping.

The structure was taken over by Louis Vuitton for their touring trunk display, "200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries."

And by "took over," I mean painted over the entire thing in bubblegum pink, orange, yellow, red, and blue for an Instagram-worthy scene on Madison Avenue.

Inside the exhibit, there are even more photo opportunities, so expect to see it all over your Instagram feed until the end of the year.

The show honors the distinctive trademark trunk of Louis Vuitton.

After spending time in Los Angeles, this is the show's grand finale, which premieres on October 14 and runs through December 31.

"Are there really 200 trunks?" everyone kept asking me when I told them I'd previewed it.

Yes, there are 200 trunks, each with its own own personality.

The first room features a digital trunk surrounded by LED screens and a checkered carpeting; the second is a silent chamber with a silver trunk that opens and closes.

Each trunk on the four storeys contains a scannable QR code that allows you to learn more about the trunk and the artist.

There's also a Marc Jacobs graffiti-art trunk by Stephen Sprouse, which brings back so many memories.

There are also Louis Vuitton napkins, which are arguably the cheapest souvenirs available.

Yes, there is a balloon chamber with a trunk full of LV balloons.

visit the really charming gift shop, which included anything from an LV-logomania teddy bear to LV-engraved gym weights, which are already on my Christmas list.