Disney parks are hiking their fees again more



'Some individuals truly do feel priced out,' says one fan following a rise in ticket prices and Genie Plus subscriptions.

When Disney released a new technology last year that allows visitors to bypass large waits for rides, customers complained that they were being forced to pay 

Most visitors will now have to pay an additional fee for the privilege. Expect more accusations about "money grubbing" and "nickel and diming."

Every time this happens, people take to social media to declare that they would never return to Disney 

And, while they may not, a large number of other people continue to visit the parks, allowing Disney to continue bringing in more and more income.

"On Tuesday, Disney's parks in Florida and California announced higher fees for the Genie Plus service, which allows customers to escape long lines."

That depends on where you're traveling, what day you're visiting, and when you buy the add-on in California.

The ticket used to be $15 regardless of the day at Walt Disney World in Florida, the world's busiest theme park complex.

The price for October will range between $15 and $22, depending on how crowded the four sites are on any given day.

Slowest days cost $109 for a one-day, one-park ticket, with busier dates costing $159; pricing did not alter in Florida.

This implies that a family purchasing tickets during the quiet season in late August should expect to pay far less than someone visiting during the popular winter vacations.