Denji and His Tragic Story in Chainsaw Man



Chainsaw Man was the most anticipated new anime launch of the Fall 2022 anime season, 

The anime adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto's original manga series has been the most anticipated new release not only of the Fall, but of the whole year.

The manga series has surged in popularity since the book's first period ended, 

 and fans have been eager to see how an anime could bring such a crazy hero like Denji to life.

Chainsaw Man's debut episode has finally arrived, and it has truly taken over the world, introducing a whole new wave of fans to the series.

More significantly, it served as an introduction to the terrible and dark devil-filled world into which the series will plunge.

The greatest way to see this terror-filled world is via the eyes of its battered hero, Denji,

whose only genuine wish when we meet him is to live a regular life where he can have some jam with his bread while still affording a roof over his head.

Chainsaw Man introduces viewers to Denji, a young kid who is forced to become a Devil Hunter when his father commits himself and leaves a massive debt to the yakuza.