Apple reportedly removes this Siri feature with iOS 15


Apple began rolling out the IOS 15 operating system with the release of the iPhone 13 series last year which includes security and privacy improvements.

iOS 15, which was initially shown at WWDC in June, has significant new features like as a revamped Safari browser, SharePlay, Focus Mode, Live Text, Virtual Look Up, and many more.

However, MacRumors reports that the new operating system has also removed a function from Apple's vocal assistant Siri.

According to the study, Siri can no longer assess music played on the Apple Music app using iOS 15 or later. With iOS 8, Apple added the ability to rate songs in the Apple Music app.

Users were able to rate a song out of five using the voice assistant while listening through headphones or when the phone was linked to CarPlay.

It is unknown why the voice assistant's ability to rate songs was disabled. Aside from that, with iOS 15, the business offered a significant boost to Siri.

With the most recent operating system, Siri can handle some queries even when there is no active internet connection.

With iOS 15.2, Apple also debuted a new Apple Music Voice Plan that depends solely on Siri voice assistant for music playback and user interaction.