Anne Hathaway Looks Back At ‘Hathahate’ Backlash After Oscar Win

Author by Rutik tiwari

Anne chooses to view the hard time that followed her Academy Award win over a decade ago as a "opportunity" to grow

Hathaway spoke at Elle's Women in Hollywood event after winning an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in 2013's "Les Misérables"

She talked about hatred she endured online and in the media before and, particularly, after her winning

“Ten years ago, I was given an opportunity to look at the language of hatred from a new perspective,” Hathaway said

“I had no desire to have anything to do with this line of energy” and “I would no longer create art from this place”

Hathaway noted that after suffering through this, she realised

Hathaway was acknowledged as the favorite for Oscar after earning several awards for her work that year, like Golden Globe and a BAFTA

She closed on a positive note by pointing out that hatred is a learned behaviour that can be unlearned and changed

she further said. “There is a brain there. I hope they give themselves a chance to relearn love." (to the haters)

“Be happy for women. Period, Especially be happy for high-achieving women. Like, it’s not that hard"

- stated Hathaway