Anna Faris alleges late director Ivan Reitman harassed her sexually on the set

Author by Rutik tiwari

 Ivan Reitman allegedly touched Anna Faris in an unethical way as they were shooting "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" in 2006

The actress earlier alleged to be abused, she had not revealed the accused harasser, until Wednesday's episode of her podcast

Faris claims at one point on set Reitman “yelled” at her, which made her feel angry, hurt,humiliated and then alleged, “He slapped my ass, too.”

In 2017, the "Scary Movie" star revealed his original statement about the alleged incident -

Source from Page six news

- In the face of the growing social movement against sexual assault, sexual harassment, and Hollywood's rape culture

“If Anna says it happened, I believe her. If it had happened in front of me, I certainly would have confronted Ivan about it. I’m sad to think Anna was demeaned in that way”

- Gavin Polone

"I don’t think you’re the first person who’s reported that. And I’m so sorry you had that experience," dunham said to faris in her podcast

Salma Hayek threatened to sue him after he denied to let her test out for a role for which she'd been screen testing

Just not Faris but also several performers have had controversies with Reitman about the same topic

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