Alex Jones is ordered to pay $965M over Sandy Hook.



A Connecticut jury ruled on Wednesday that the conspiracy theorist must compensate people who were harmed by his bogus claim.

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist, should pay $965 million to victims of his erroneous allegation that the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy was a fake.

The judgement is the second major judgment against the Infowars host for his unending propagation of the myth that the 2012 massacre did not occur.

and that the weeping family shown in news reports were actors recruited as part of a conspiracy to confiscate people's firearms.

It was disclosed in a lawsuit filed by the families of five children and three instructors killed in the incident.

In August, a Texas jury awarded almost $50 million to the parents of another deceased kid.

Strangers arrived at their houses to film them. On social internet, many made derogatory remarks.

Erica Lafferty, the daughter of killed Sandy Hook Elementary School administrator Dawn Hochsprung, testified that rape threats were addressed to her home.

Mark Barden described how conspiracy theorists urinated on his 7-year-old son Daniel's grave and threatened to dig up the coffin.

During his testimony at the trial, Jones admitted he was mistaken about Sandy Hook.

He said that the shooting was genuine. But he was combative both in court and on his program.

He alleged that Democrats and the media were conspiring to suppress him and put him out of business.

"I've already said 'I'm sorry' hundreds of times, and I'm done saying 'I'm sorry,'" he testified.