Adam Sandler is still a hustler



Sandler is learning to work less after 30 years of an uniquely successful career,

 but with films like Hustle and a planned Safdie Brothers reunion, he's not done surprising himself.

Adam Sandler has not been what anyone would call a loser since he was recruited as a writer on Saturday Night Live at the age of 24

The quintessential Sandler character, from dimwitted hotel heir Billy Madison to Uncut Gems' luckless Howard Ratner

A guide to the most important races in Hollywood. In some ways, Stanley Sugerman, the basketball guy at the heart of Hustle,

Stanley dreams of becoming a coach but is pushed aside by his team's new co-owner

instead leaving him to put his whole future on a brand-new talent from Spain, Bo Cruz 

Stanley is better off than, say, Hubie of Hubie Halloween, because he has a loving wife and kid , not to mention Dirk Nowitzki on fast dial.

But he's the type of aspiring everyman Sandler mastered in The Wedding Singer or Punch Drunk Love

 weaved into a crowd-pleasing sports drama that has garnered Sandler a renewed wave of the finest reviews of his career