10 Java Programming Skills Java Developers Can Learn in 2022


Several well-known technology companies, such as Adobe and Amazon, employ the Java programming language. These companies provide exceptional employment prospects for Java Professionals. 


1. Spring

Java developers can use this open-source lightweight framework Spring also includes a number of useful features like as an IoC Container, Aspect-Oriented Programming , Dependency Injection,ETC

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a type of internet-based computing that offers on-demand access to shared processing resources and data  Java developers selected cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and others for development.

3. Microservices

Java microservices are small-scale software applications written in the Java programming language.  As developers in attempt to create larger, more efficient applications, microservices are becoming more frequent.

4. Git

Git is an open-source distributed version control system that can handle large projects. Linus Torvalds first used it to develop the Linux Kernel in 2005. It is regarded as the best for scaling the team because it can easily carry the volume of users.

5. SOA

SOA is a technique of reusing software components by service interfaces. These interfaces use basic communication protocols to allow for smooth integration into new applications. The services are given in a way that allows developers discover and reuse them.

6. Docker

Docker is an open-source platform for developing containers. Docker Hub aim is to serve images that can be deployed. Docker makes it easy to get ready-made images, which will not only save you time but will also be useful for developing Java apps.

7. Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a real-time distributed engine that is open source. Based on the Apache Lucene library, it can accept data and in any format. Creating a full-featured query clusters with Elasticsearch is straightforward, but scaling it needs expertise.

8. JUnit

JUnit was developed in the early 1990s by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. It is a free and open-source Java testing platform for programmers. Developers can write and run many tests at the same time, and the best thing is how they can construct their own test cases.

9. SQL

SQL is an abbreviation for Structured Query Language. It is a database language for database management that was introduced in the 1970s. It allows a user to manipulate and retrieve data from a relational database. SQL is used to insert, remove, edit, and generate data.

10. Hibernate

Hibernate is a Java Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) utility. It successfully supports a wide range of mainstream RDBMS, including HSQL Database Engine, Oracle, MySQL, and others. Many advantages include being highly scalable, database-independent, open-source, and so on.