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First OnePlus Watch – What are the features and price? (2021)

OnePlus Watch
image source ONEPLUS (no copyright infringement is intended

OnePlus Watch has recently launched its first smart clock. A sleek round stainless steel body and a 1,39 inch OLED display with 326ppi resolution are included in the inevitably called OnePlus Watch. The watch is available in a single 46 mm size and is protected by sapphire glass. Two buttons for tactile control are available on the right side.

For the training, the OnePlus Watch provides monitoring for more than 110 sports and aquatic events. Water and dust tolerance for additional reassurance is available in 5ATM + IP68. The normal spectrum of heart rate and saturation of blood oxygen, sleep, and stress control is also given.

As far as networking is concerned, the OnePlus Watch features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS included. There is 1GB (1GB) RAM and 4GB (2GB) capacity while a proprietary OnePlus Watch OS is covering the front of the program. You can chat, take hands-free calls, and monitor your music streaming with alerts.

After two weeks of daily use was announced battery life of the OnePlus Watch. You also get a warp charge as an OnePlus unit which offers an additional 20 minutes per week. Charing is achieved with the own 2 Pogo pin charger.

 OnePlus Watch
image source ONEPLUS (no copyright infringement is intended
?Over 110 workout types10
?Bluetooth 5.0 and strong calling capabilities keep you notified.
♬Set your music to your favorite beats with 4GB storage3.
?Improve the individual performances with a pulse, distance, calories, speed, and productivity SWOLF metrics.
?Walking and running satellite placement guarantees fast, precise data – with each move.
?Waterproof with 5ATM + IP689

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Price and Availability OnePlus Watch

The OnePlus Watch comes for 159/€159/INR 16,999 in silver and black colors. Sales commence on 14 April. OnePlus also has a golden-colored version of Cobalt Limited Edition, which is due to appear later this year.


At the first look, the OnePlus watch has a remarkable similarity to Samsung’s $250 sports watch, the Galaxy Watch Active. It has a round-watch crown, an AMOLED touchscreen on the side of its stainless steel case, and many buttons. However, unlike the two-sized Galaxy Watch Active, the OnePlus watch can be exchanged for third-party alternatives in a 46-mm case only with interchangeable watch bands. 


The OnePlus Watch is doing what you would imagine a smartwatch to do in 2021: view and respond to alerts, make and respond to telephone calls, play music, and act as a remote camera and television for your computer. So Spotify or some other music app doesn’t help it. It comes instead with 2GB of internal music capacity. This is around 500 tracks, which can be played with Bluetooth earbuds on the go. This is currently only supported by OnePlus and other Android phones, but iOS support is said by the organization to occur in time.

Health and fitness

The watch also tracks your basic exercise with over 110 different forms of training to pick and record your runs automatically, whether you have a phone with you or not. The GPS is included and the IP68 5ATM classification ensures secure swim monitoring.

It also goes beyond its core requirements and can test on request SpO2 (blood oxygen) and detect tension and flag levels that are abnormally elevated in the heart. When we can test it for ourselves, we can report on consistency in both exercise and health.

Battery life

Apart from its pricing, battery life is the other major selling point for the OnePlus Watch. While the business does not go on two weeks of regular use, it already has miles ahead of Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple Watch (a week of shooting on both rolls), which scarcely reaches the threshold of 48 hours.

The watch also charges quickly: from five minutes you can get a whole day of power or wait 20 minutes for the benefit of a week.


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