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Xiaomi patent under-display flip camera [Exclusive 2021]

Xiaomi patents– Xiaomi takes the camera technology under-display flip camera step further into the uncovered Xiaomi patent by placing a lens on a front and rear-face module

Xiaomi patent under-display flip camera
Images source LetsGoDigital (no copyright infringement is intended)

A smartphone with an in-screen flip-camera that is suitable to meet the dual purpose of a primary camera and a selfie camera is now successful in Chinese emerging technology company Xiaomi. With the flip technology used for the telephone setup, the camera can pivot 180 degrees and acts as both a camera for itself and as a camera for the back.

A Xiaomi patent innovation in regard to under-display flip camera technology has been shared online. While it is widely expected that Xiaomi will soon offer smartphones with at least a concealable under-screen selfie camera, this Xiaomi patent shows that the Chinese OEM is looking further ahead at what else can be achieved from this burgeoning camera trend.

With its range of mid-range and high-end smartphones, Xiaomi has created a niche for itself. In the smartphone industry, the company continues to pursue active research and development. A concept phone with a curved display and an under-display flip camera was recently shown. Not the only company that operates on innovative curved displays and camera technology is Xiaomi. The Company is, however, making gigantic advances in the development of a rotating camera module, as indicated by the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s new patent (WIPO).

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In February 2020, the patent application for a “Terminal Device” was filed in accordance with the WIPO documents discovered by Letsgodigital which has an under-screen camera. Xiaomi can reveal one of these devices within one year. There are indications. On the back of the appliance, the photo-flip module is a component of a complex lens system providing excellent visuals. A rotatable top lens is provided in the triple camera setup. Details of a magnet drive that could be used to operate the under-display flip camera internally turned the camera, have been provided in the documentation document and shown.

LetsGoDigital has found yet another Xiaomi patent-related which seems to be already under development. This particular innovation. The files contain the usual technical drawings, but the flip module also comes to the core of this particular Xiaomi patent in a 3D fashion, which implies that Xiaomi may already be involved in this project. The idea is to produce a smartphone with an under-display flip camera that can be used as a cache snapper and which, thanks to the rotation of the internal section, is also part of the rear-facing system of the main camera.

The owner of this Xiaomi smartphone would not only take advantage of the genuine full-screen front display, without punch-holes, but also use the same lens as an addition to the main camera system. The abridged patent, fortunately, reproduced in English, states that “a flip module,” which can be faced either on the front or the rear of the possible Xiaomi device, will be “configured to change the direction for the first lens.”

By enhancing the Xiaomi patent line drawings, the designers at LetsGoDigital have made the process easier to imagine. The top lens is therefore shown in orange (see image below) in the returners, marked with the component ‘103’ in the Xiaomi patent model. The Xiaomi smartphone might in this way be classified as having a flip camera on its sub-display. The tilt module itself may be too roomy in internal areas, but it can be refined to include multiple lenses or even the entire rear camera system, which is certainly a single point of sale for a demanding smartphone buyer.

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