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Reporting: Unveiling Windows 11 by Microsoft

Microsoft announced the launch of the ‘Next generation Windows’ event earlier this week. However, there was a lot of speculation even before that on what is to be called that new version. Every sign begins with a Windows 11 launch. The company did not say so publicly, and it will not be until its big launch.

The branding changes first and foremost clearly. People such as CEO Satya Nadella and Windows and Panos Panay, chief device officer, call it Windows, not Windows 10 for the next generation. That was the key to Windows 10. These scripts are not written by accident by Microsoft.

But let’s look at the clues of Microsoft itself, and there are a few. This is the tweet about the announcement of the event of June 24.

At first glance, this might seem to be a still image, but in the six-second video there are subtle movements. The light shown by the Windows logo is shifting, which is certainly intended. Can it be the Windows 10 sunset? Maybe. Maybe. It could also just be the sun, representing the codename of the Sun Valley, moving across the sky.

One key point is that in the light, there’s not a horizontal crossbar in the Windows logo. Due to this deliberate change, it looks more like an 11

The event will also take place at 11:00 Eastern Time. Microsoft is in Redmond, Washington, although this is not all too odd. In Pacific Time events are usually announced. This is only one 11 more topic, in other words.

In addition to the official Microsoft teasers, leakster Evan Blass confirmed the name.

Windows 11 Clues Microsoft drops

If you follow the news closely, then you already know that it can be called “Windows 11” for the next generation of Windows.

Although we have only three weeks waiting, as the company will reveal “Windows next-generation”‘ names and features, speculating is always fun.

A new Windows logo appears to be presented when one looks closely at the above teaser and its shadow creates a “11” outline.

For the 25th anniversary, Microsoft’s design team had previously used similar works. However, the light through the window forms two bars for the Windows event teaser and there is no horizontal bar.

In April Microsoft posted the screenshot on the left side on Instagram with horizontal bars. This suggests that Microsoft has removed the horizontal bars deliberately so that they look like “Windows 11.”

The event also begins at an unusual 11 AM ET, again pointing to “Windows 11” possibility.

Windows’ new version

Microsoft managers also feed vague teasers on Twitter on conspiracy theories. A tweet from Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s vice version of the Modern Life, Search & Devices Group, for example: I wasn’t really excited about a new Windows version since Windows 95!”

Windows 11 Clues leaked

Earlier today, famous and trustworthy Evan Blass reporter also suggested that the next version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system might be known as “Windows 11.”

Naturally, Microsoft may also simply use the plain name ‘Windows’ in combination with a fanciful name such as Creators Update, and tell us all about the number.

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What to Expect from the “Sun Valley” Update for Windows 11

The Sun Valley Update, also known as Windows 11, will be a significant update with significant changes. A new Start Menu, Action Center, Taskbar, native apps, a new Settings app, and rounded corners are all part of the package.

Indeed, according to a new leak from yesterday, Microsoft has already tested Edge, Teams, and Outlook on Windows with rounded corners.

With rounded corners, a context menu

Microsoft quietly enabled rounded corners/edges for the context menu (right-click menus) within Windows 10’s Task View in preview builds.

In place of the traditional right-click menus, these modern menus are expected to be widely used in the new UI. The interface panels and menus will also have rounded corners, giving them a more Mac-like appearance.

Microsoft is also experimenting with new icons, fonts, and animations for Windows apps, as shown in the concept below.

Microsoft’s enterprise apps, such as Sysinternals tools, have already been updated with code that detects the upcoming OS colors/theme assets, ahead of the June 24 event.

These advanced tools appear to be looking for new system colors, themes, and other personalization settings and are attempting to rely on assets that are currently missing from Windows 10 preview builds.

We still have no idea what new features are coming to Windows or how the update will be distributed to existing customers.

Will everyone get a free upgrade if Windows 11 is real and a new operating system is released? For the time being, we’ll have to wait and see.

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