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The Sony Bravia X90J is a 4K television that claims to be able to think like a human

The Sony Bravia X90J Cognitive Processor is designed to think like a human brain and to see and hear in the same way that humans do.

Sony Bravia X90J
image source sony (no copyright infringement is intended)

In India, Sony has unveiled the new Bravia X90J series. It’s billed as the “world’s first cognitive intelligence TV series that thinks like a human brain,” according to the company. The Cognitive Processor XR in the Bravia X90J series TVs detects the viewer’s focal points and cross-analyses numerous image quality elements to produce a more natural picture. It also improves the sound quality to 5.1.2 channels for a more immersive surround sound experience.

The new X90J series comes in three sizes: 189 cm (75 inches), 165 cm (65 inches), and 140 cm (55 inches), and features XR 4K Upscaling technology, which upscales 2K signals to near-true 4K quality. The televisions feature a full-array LED panel with XR Contrast Booster, XR Triluminos Pro, and XR Motion Clarity technology. XR Surround and 3D Surround Upscaling, as well as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, have been added.

Ambient optimisation technology with light sensors is included in the Bravia X90J series, which automatically adjusts picture brightness based on room conditions. The acoustic auto-calibration technology detects your location and adjusts the sound to fit your surroundings. HDMI 2.1 compatibility is available on the Bravia X90J series, as well as support for 4K 120fps, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and e-ARC, allowing you to use the TV for gaming. For this purpose, there is also a dedicated Game Mode.

Sony Bravia X90J
image source sony.com (no copyright infringement is intended)

The Bravia X90J series includes Google TV and Google Assistant functionality. It also supports Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, allowing you to connect your Apple devices, such as your iPhone and iPad, to your TV for easy streaming.

The 55-inch Sony Bravia X90J (XR-55X90J) costs 139,990 in India and can be purchased from Sony Centers, electronic stores, and e-commerce websites. Information on the 75-inch and 65-inch models will be released soon.

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Features of Sony Bravia X90J with Cognitive Processor XR

A wide range of naturally lovely colors

See colors that are both natural and pleasing to the eye. The Cognitive Processor XR allows our one-of-a-kind display to access a larger color palette and reproduce each color with the subtle differences seen in real life. The image has a lot of colors, saturation, vibrancy, and a realistic texture.

With deep blacks and intense brightness, this image has real-life depth.

Feel the awe-inspiring contrast, just as you would in real life. In the same way that the human eye focuses on real-life color and depth, our Cognitive Processor XR cross-analyzes data to improve picture quality. Bright areas are brighter, and dark areas are darker, thanks to XR Contrast Booster—no more details being overwhelmed by shadows.

The intelligent way of recreating the lost texture

With XR 4K Upscaling, you can enjoy entertainment in close to 4K resolution, regardless of the content or source. Our Cognitive Processor XR taps into a massive amount of data to intelligently recreate lost textures and detail in real-world images. Details like naturally defined animal fur and sharply defined rock can be seen.

The action is perfectly matched by the sound from the screen.

XR Sound Position brings you the reality of sound behind the picture for an audio experience that matches how we perceive the world. Sound on this BRAVIA XR Full Array LED TV is precisely matched to what’s on the screen thanks to sound-positioning tweeters for a truly immersive experience.

All of your favorite shows have been upgraded to 3D surround sound.

Everything you watch on BRAVIA XR is given the full surround-sound treatment. Without the use of in-ceiling or up-firing speakers, XR Surround creates surround sound from the sides and vertically, allowing you to enjoy 3D audio.

Control your smart home with ease.

Control smart-home devices throughout your home with your voice. Control other connected devices or adjust the lighting.

Boost the size of your favorite smartphone apps.

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Enjoy your favorite videos, photos, games, and more from your iOS or Android devices on the big screen quickly and easily.

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