The logo of Xiaomi is being redesigned, Xiaomi creates an electric vehicle branch. (2021)

logo of Xiaomi
China’s most successful cell phone operator is on the move, with plans to spend $1.5 billion in electric vehicles and a $300,000 logo of Xiaomi redesign. Internet users in China believe the latter was a bad investment.
logo of Xiaomi

 Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has just launched the first folding phone and announced an ambitious foray into the electric vehicle market. And with a new venture comes a new logo. But it seems to be a little…familiar?

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At a keynote conference yesterday, the company, which has surpassed Apple to become the world’s third-largest smartphone brand, unveiled “a brand-new logo of Xiaomi” as part of its “refreshed new corporate visual identity.” The only major difference in its new nature was the replacement of the old square frame with “a squircle,” which is essentially a square with round corners.

Despite how slight the move seems, Xiaomi’s CEO, Léi Jn, spent more than 20 minutes (in Chinese) at the event discussing why the change was made and what he hoped to achieve with Xiaomi’s visual rebranding logo of Xiaomi

During Xiaomi’s two-day launch case, the Chinese-based smartphone company unveiled a slew of new devices, including the Mi 11 series and the Mi Mix folding phone. The highlight reel, however, was the fresh look of the logo of Xiaomi and identity.

Kenya Hara, one of Japan’s most well-known graphic designers, was responsible for the new look, which took a more minimalistic approach. According to Xiaomi, the logo of Xiaomi gives the brand a more vibrant look. The biggest difference is that the emblem now has rounded corners.

 The designer also added new MI typography, which gives the company’s name a more classic and appealing look. The company claimed that it wanted the company logo to reflect its agile nature as it went forward with a decade

Though the logo is sophisticated, what really matters to customers is what kind of goods will eventually see the light of day.

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Why did Xiaomi redesign its logo?

With the new logo, Xiaomi wants to improve brand awareness.

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