Excited to see iPhone 13 pro max early look

IPhone 13 pro max early look

iPhone 13 pro max early look,  dummy video gives us the best look at the design change for iPhone 13

iPhone 13 pro max early look
image source Unbox Therapy/YouTube (no copyright infringement is intended)

We heard a lot from Apple about changes this autumn, including tweaks on Apple’s long-standing conception of the iPhone 13. Well, the new video now shows how the next iPhone looks and many of the rumors of the past.

A new Unbox Therapy video aims to reveal at least one of the new phones in Apple this fall some physical changes. The video shows a dumb unit of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and, if it’s correct, several rumors of the iPhone 13 will be released.

Dummy units are usually based on leaked telephone schemes. It is often used by computer manufacturers that are not working models and want to time new equipment launching as closely as possible to the phone launch. This is why there is a strong incentive to approach the dimensions of the real thing as closely as possible.

Anyone who made this stand-in for iPhone 13 Pro Max appears to have done just that. Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy describes it as “the closest, best-looking iPhone in the next generation.” That gives us a clearer picture of the iPhone 13 Pro Max when the 6.7-inch model is unveiled by Apple this fall alongside the three other iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 pro max early look-Notch

Rumors have been suggesting for a while now that Apple will reduce it is iPhone 13 not only on Pro but all four upcoming iPhone 13 models. This is definitely the case with this iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy unit.

In the video, Lewis disconnects the calipers to measure the notch on both the stupid unit and an iPhone 12 Pro. The current diameter is 34.62mm wide, while the diameter of the iPhone 13 is 26.31mm. This is 25% smaller.  But while the difference in screen space would not be big, it will make the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s top menu feel less tight.

iPhone 13 pro max early look
image source Unbox Therapy/YouTube (no copyright infringement is intended)

iPhone 13 pro max early look-Ear speaker

How does Apple make room to reduce the number of phones this year? It is rumored that the company has created a way to compact the sensors used for Face ID. And because that is primarily behind the notch, it unleashes more screen immobilization. But here, as the stupid unit suggested, there is another factor to play.

The earpiece on the iPhone 13 Pro Max has moved in this new version. The speaker is right in the middle of the clutch on current iPhones. It’s more on the top length of the phone, the iPhone 13 Pro Max shows it’s the bottom square.

iPhone 13 pro max early look
image source Unbox Therapy/YouTube (no copyright infringement is intended)

iPhone 13 pro max early look-Rear Camera

Rumors suggest that the models of the iPhone 13 Pro will see the rear cameras changing. While lens range is likely to stay the same — an ultra-wide, telephoto-enhanced main camera with a LiDAR sensor can improve the ultra-wide shooter.

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Tracking helps keep Facebook/Instagram free according to notices in iOS apps.

In particular, the reports have been heard that the ultra-wide lens will have a larger opening—f/1.8 vs. f/2.4 on the iPhone 12 Pro models–and that Apple will use an ultra-wide six-element lens rather than the present five-element lens. The ideal is to provide more light and a shallower depth of field.

This is reflected in significantly larger lenses on the rear camera module in the iPhone 13 Pro Max video. This also allows the optical image stabilization of sensor shifts for ultra-wide lenses – another rumored addition to the iPhone 13 Pro model.

iPhone 13 pro max early look
image source Unbox Therapy/YouTube (no copyright infringement is intended)

iPhone 13 pro max early look – What is still the same

The buttons of the iPhone 13 Pro Max are in the same order as the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The mute switch, rocker volume, and sim card slot with the power button on one side of the phone. There is also a Lightning port in the bottom, so if Apple has an unlimited model, it will not be this particular version of the iPhone 13, as it has been rumored in some quarters. (Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that a 13 portless iPhone wouldn’t happen, and that video just cemented this idea.)

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is approximately as large as the previous one. The new iPhone seems to be a bit thicker than its predecessor in any change between models. There are also straight edges of the iPhone 12.

Other rumors about iPhone 13 pro

Because we can’t use it to monitor other iPhone 13 rumors floating around, because the video features a non-working device. There is one such rumor, that Touch ID returns, either under the display or in the power button of the iPhone 13. (There is no evidence of this dummy model happening.)

A big iPhone 13 rumor says that Pro models get quick cool displays that adjust their cooling rate dynamically based on your activity — a feature currently available for the Galaxy S21 family. But this is currently unverified without a working screen.

The iPhone 12 is expected to return to a more traditional September launch window after its launch in October and November last year. Then we will find out how much this dummy leaked compared to the ultimate iPhone 13 Pro Max. To get the fans iPhone 13 pro max early look

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