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Google Pixel buds A for almost half the price.

A month later, Google has finished announcing the new TWS earbuds. The new earbuds bring the experience of the Google Pixel Buds A to approximately half the price of the Pixel A telephone line for a more affordable price.

Google Pixel buds A
image source androidpolice (no copyright infringement is intended)

The pixel buds A is much like his more expensive sister, save for colors, and is priced at $99, nearly half that the regular pixel budgets’ $199 price tag. It is available with a glossy finish in two different colors – Clearly White and Dark Olive.

The earpieces are said to be comfortable and designed to remain there even during training. They have a flush-to-ear design and a reinforcing arc to maintain them. Three ear tip sizes are shipped by Google. The Pixel Buds A have an adjustable sound and adjust the volume to suit your environment.

You can control the controller by touching the buds, so you can reply to calls and control replay with them. You do not have to type “Ok Google or Hey Google,” to call the Google Assistant and you can have a query, a translation or notifications read.

Pixel Buds A pairs to an Android device with a single tap. The earpieces are IPX4 so there’s no rain or sweat to worry about. The life of the battery is 5 hours (2.5 hours for calls) and the recharge case lasts up to 24 hours.

You can find them with Find My Device if you misplace your earbuds. When close or their last known location on the map, the earbuds will ring.

The Google Pixel Buds A can be pre-ordered today and will be available from 17 June.

Google Pixel Buds A Specification and Features

Blessed One

  • Sound -Same as last year. Very good
  • Comfort- the same as the 2020 pixels. Great comfortable.
  • Price-It cost 99 dollars and nearly everything the $179 pixel budgets did last year.


  • Static-Decreased from the model of last year, but still visible (to some people, at least).
  • Charging-Do does not charge wirelessly

Design and Hardware

For our google pixel buds review the Pixel Buds A-Series has been so physically similar to the pixel Buds of last year that they fit each other comfortably. In fact, the cases don’t work interchangeably — the load pins are somewhat different – but both cases and buds are almost identical. I loved the look of the buds of last year, which is a win in our book.

The main aesthetic difference is colour: the Pixel Buds A-Series only match the insides of the cases in two colours, white or green (as opposed to the 2020 ones that came in the same colours).

Hardware differences are also less visible. Only one charge indicator light is on the outside of the case in the A-Series. The light reflects the battery level of the palm when the case is open; closed it indicates the amount of juice left in the case. The light is orange when the battery level is lower. White means almost full. White means almost full. Wireless charging is also available in the Pixel BudsA-Series, which is only available via USB-C. In our opinion, this is the biggest downgrade in the pixel buds A – series, and in practice, it turns out to be rather small. All over I’ve got USB-C chargers.

The pixel buds A-Series all share the same charm, Google looks and feels eminently like the earbuds last year. They retain features such as in-ear detection, single earbud playback and water resistance IPX4 to prevent damage to sweat. There is really no way of knowing what is cheaper if we keep the two pairs next to each other — except that the 2020 model has become so slightly heavier.

Sound quality, battery life characteristics for google pixel buds review

The Pixel Buds A-Series sound the same as the Pixel Buds 2020: they use the same 12-millimeter drivers and they have the same “space shaft” that helps to sell a wider sound scenery and allows for some ambient sound. This is good news because the earbuds sound fantastic last year. Highs are clear, mid-range and bass are characteristic for high-end real wireless earbuds (read: pretty good). You still cannot adjust EQ settings, but at launch, the Pixel Buds A-series has a bass boost option – a few months had to wait for the 2020 model. However, if this is a priority for you, there is still no aptX support.

  Google tells us that it’s to stop the plugged ear that can come with earbuds, but this doesn’t bother me. However, these things are very convenient (as long as the stabilizing fin does not make you like some people), and it’s useful outside, or in a work environment where you need to stay conscious to hear some of your environments. However, it also means that you have to crank the size higher than you would otherwise block the coffee shop or gym, which could be harsh for your eyes.

The biggest pixel influenza in 2020 is a continuous hissing and popping in the correct earbud if the media plays at a low volume, and sadly, it’s also there. But it’s definitely quieter, and Google continues to insist that not everyone can hear it. I don’t know if that is true, but in any case, the issue is much simpler with 99 dollars compared to 179 dollars. Connection stability also greatly improved: The 2020 pixel buds may get a little brittle outside, but even with the phone inside our back pocket the Pixel Buds A-series are all right.

In each bud last year, the model has sensors, “that can detect speech via your jawbone’s vibrations,” which apparently helps to remove background noises during a call. There are no sensors in the Pixel Buds A-Series, but they remain perfect for voice calls. Folks on the other side —our AP peers are usually honest — have no complaints, apart from one caller who said I sounded a little farther than normal.

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The new earbuds bring the experience of the Google Pixel Buds A to approximately half the price of the Pixel A telephone line for a more affordable price.Google Pixel buds A for almost half the price.