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Apple has hired Samy Bengio, a former ex-google ai scientist

Apple has hired the former ex-google ai scientist, Samy Bengio, to lead John Giannandrea’s team to protest Google’s two-employee firing.
ex-google ai scientist
former ex-google ai scientist Samy Bengio

Under John Giannandrea, senior vice president of machine learning and AI strategies, Bengio(ex-google ai scientist) is expected to lead a new AI research unit in Apple, two people who are familiar with the matter. After spending about eight years on Google, Giannandrea joined Apple in 2018. A Bloomberg report of last month detailed the background to Bengio’s(ex-google ai scientist) departure from Google. In the Google Brain team Bengio managed “hundreds,” but his role was reduced after the research unit was reordered.

In line with the shootings of Google’s co-leaders on AI ethics, Bengio(ex-google ai scientist) has reporting arrival at Apple. Bengio said that he was seeking “other exciting possibilities,” on April 6, after almost 15 years with the company, that he was resigning from Google. His last day was 28 April at the search giant. Timnit Gebru, the co-founder of the AI Ethics team of the company, was burned in December by Mountain View. Google fired the co-leader and co-founder of the same team, Margaret Mitchell, in February. After the firings, Google announced that its AI teams would restructure.

Co-leads for outgoing ethical AI He was reported to Bengio by Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell and considered him an ally. In February, Google rearranged the Research Unit and placed the remaining members of the Ethical AI Group in the hands of Marian Croak.

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In November, Megan Kacholia, then manager of Bengio(ex-google ai scientist), met with Gebru to demand that she withdraw a paper co-written by Mitchell and Google researchers, which criticized an AI technology that supplied certain search results from Google. Google dismissed Gebru in what it called a firing at the beginning of December and Google called for its withdrawal. Mitchell was fired in February.

Before leaving Google, Gebru and Mitchell expressed their concern regarding the diversity of workplaces and the approach to research evaluation. Bengio supported his two former employees and was Googler’s highest-ranking exit in the face of the repercussions.

Gebru was tweeting in December, “Thank you finally to Samy Bengio(ex-google ai scientist) for providing us with this type of work (and covering it). Behind the scenes, he protects me a lot.”

Bengio was one of the Google Brain AI research team’s early leaders. In advancing many of the profound learning algorithms as a basis for current AI, the Canadian computer scientist play a decisive role. He has also been an AI researcher at the University of Montreal. He is his brother, Yoshua Bengio. Stay right from your homepod on top of all Apple news. You’re going to get the newest AppleInsider Podcast. Say “Hey, Siri, play AppleInsider!” Or ask for “AppleInsider Daily” from your HomePod mini instead and a quick direct update from our news team will be heard. And if you are interested in home automation from Apple, say “Hey, Siri, play HomeKit Insider,” then you are going to hear our newest expertise podcast in moments.

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Why did Samy Bengio left google

In pursuit of ‘other exciting opportunities’ Bengio left Google last week. A few months after two AI ethics researchers– Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell had been fired on Google, his departure from the company took place. A former Google AI Ethics Co-Chair Gebru alleged that its exit was the end of a conflict over a paper co-authoring, entitled, “On Stochastic Parrots Dangers: Can Models of Language Be Too Big?” But these allegations were refused by the company. Soon after that was a further ethical scientist, Mitchell Margaret, who criticised Gebru for leaving Google.

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