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APPLE SUV-What if Electric SUV is built by APPLE?

APPLE SUV Car-Apple has grown a reputation for sleekness, thinness, and smallness over the last decade. His iPhones are less than an inch, the iPads and MacBooks slim enough to fit in manila envelopes, and the new iMac is probably the slimmest desktop PC ever built. With the image in mind, the idea that the Apple Car would reflect the same attributes is quite natural. Close your eyes and think of an “APPLE SUV Car,” a sedan, of course. Jan Peisert feels differently from the concept designer. Meet the Apple One, an advanced APPLE SUV that has been created in the company’s picture behind the iPhone.

Peisert’s concept one incorporates all of Apple’s good (and a few uncomfortable) aspects into a design that is for the whole family. It’s a car of luxury, but the sedan doesn’t. Instead, the Apple One is a unique SUV that accommodates quite spaciously 4 or more people. Its size (and especially the headlight) is somewhat like a crossing between the Tesla Cyber car and the Rivian SUV. The design is slightly angular but has no edgy surfaces and no straight lines. Instead, everything curves pretty organically… a feature seen on Apple products, also in their continuous curves. Apple One sports that infamous grille on the front, referring to Apple products (and also uncomfortable aspects). One could argue that an electric APPLE SUV does not require a grille, but Peisert probably made a creative call. In addition, who knows that an air intake may help keep the car’s CPU cool?

Apart from the bright logo on the front (such as a trend with fan-built concepts for APPLE SUV cars), the car is equipped with somewhat slick headlights and rear lighting. Apart from hitting the road, linear lights double as indicators too; the front light glows entirely to the right or to the left for the purpose, while the vertical canals turn orange at the rear light. The Apple One has even indicators integrated into the doors (in the seam between the door and the window) that let everyone know when the car is turning. A third light on the back lets people know when the car slows or stops behind the Apple One.

The APPLE SUV Car concept by Jan Peisert

The Apple One is described in two different variants – silver and space grey. In physical appearance, the two variants are almost identical although the silver car has wooden trimmings on its head and back, while the space-gray carbon… A kind of version like Pro.

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There is nothing detailed about the interior, although Peisert has emphasized a few external features which are very intriguing, (after all this is digital art and not a real 3D concept). For example, the slick headlamps are not the only feature on the front of the road. The Apple One is also equipped with laser headlights on either end of the Apple logo. These lights show powerful spotlights on the road so that you can see them when driving under low light conditions. The car even includes retractable side-view cameras, butterfly-controlled gates and trunk, and a wireless base that was also featured in the APPLE SUV Car concept of EmreHusmen.

While it’s not technically detailed for the Apple One concept, it’s safe to say that an APPLE SUV also connects to the ecosystem, which can unlock or hit the iPhone’s ignitions. Probably, the car would operate on the AI, which uses the strong catalog of sensors designed and integrated into Apple’s product. The car is sure to support Apple Maps in strengthening and expanding its user base over the years and Apple will be clearly the winner if the clever car responds to commands like “Hey Siri, take me to Starbucks!”

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