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Android 12 leaks, Before Google I/O. [EXCLUSIVE 2021]

Android 12 leaks-Google I/O is a few days away, but there is still sufficient time before it’s officially launched for more Android 12 features.

Android 12 leaks, This includes a host of different widgets, buttons and new animations.

The personality of youtube Jon Prosser has posted screenshots of the Android 12 OS update that shows the “new beautiful experience.” from Android 12 leaks.

A new music widget is included in the gallery, re-designed WIFI and Bluetooth toggles, a new slider, new notifications and a new weather and clock widget are included. Google seeks to make the design throughout the system more coherent.

Google I/O is on the horizon and there is a lot that we expect to see at the event with the timetable already published. It starts on May 18 to May 20 as a virtual event for everyone, and the biggest event that many of us look forward to is the launch of Android 12. We’ve had some previews of developers already, but a Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech’s final Android 12 leak has displayed some new Google widgets and animations ahead of the company’s next event. Also in the week of what he claims to be the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro, Prosser shared images – the devices are not expected to start much more later in the year.


  • One-handed mode of conversation widget
  • New organization widget
  • Improvements in notification
  • Audio effect haptic-coupling
  • Auto-rotation facial
  • More options for screenshot marking
  • Insertion of rich content
  • Easier to share Wi-Fi
  • Theme system based on the wallpaper
  • Transcoding of compatible media
  • Support for AVIE image
  • Improved handling of cookies
  • App hibernation
  • Google Play Android 12 updates

What’s new in Android 12?

You may wonder what’s new in Android 12 and, as Prosser reports about Android 12 leaks, the answer to this question has apparently been summarized in three brief points. Although there does not seem to be plenty of information on how devices work better or how privacy and security are stronger, we have learned a lot from this “beautiful new experience.”

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According to Android 12 leaks, Android 12 has many changes that we have already documented on every developer preview according to the Android 12 leaks, but usually, they’re just a teaser of the things that are coming. A host of new buttons and widgets are available and a few new animations are also available. By refurbishing current UI elements and adding new animations, Google has made small changes to Android Design year after year, and this year it is done again.

 Android 12 leaks
 Android 12 leaks
 Android 12 leaks
 Android 12 leaks
 Android 12 leaks
 Android 12 leaks

The new Android 12 version will, according to Prossers Android 12 leaks, focus heavily on a new user interface. The keyboard, app icons, and other UI elements all correspond to create a consistent system design.

You can also group notifications across various applications according to the promo video shown. The locking screen also appears to have a bigger clock, which Google learned a few months ago to customize. If you remember “Silky Home,” the flag could make the user interface a lot more user-friendly.

In the notification bar, the newly-designed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles are accompanied by a brand new music widget. A new slider is also available, new notifications have been redesigned, a new clock widget and even a new weather widget. There are a number of small changes, but they all add up to a more coherent and friendly Android user interface. The video, timed below, can also be viewed for new animations by Prosser.

This design appears to pervade the whole of Android’s new 12 UI, based on the shared promo video. Although it is difficult to figure out exactly how the Android 12 user interface will look in the future, Google clearly is making big, big changes.

Whilst we don’t yet know all about Google’s Android 12 stuff, we’ll cover all of the Google I/O stuff when it happens. So far, what do you think about Android 12?

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