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The Android 12 beta version has become the most downloaded beta version in Android history.

Google published the second Android 12 beta a few days ago, and there are many changes that Google did not disclose in its formal release statement. That is to be expected, as the community will eventually discover anything they do not announce. However, there are numerous aspects that only Google is aware of, such as download statistics. While Google hasn’t disclosed official data for how many people have downloaded the Android 12 beta, Dave Burke, Google’s VP of Engineering on Android, stated that it is “by far” the most downloaded/installed beta ever.

It’s difficult to compare the success of the Android 12 beta to betas for previous Android releases without numbers. Though a beta edition is available for a number of additional Android devices, it is unlikely that many users have installed it because the average person is either unaware of it, is hesitant to risk installing possibly problematic software, or does not own a suitable device. Even among Pixel owners, who have access to the most stable beta edition, it’s unlikely that many have dabbled with the “Snow Cone” beta.

considerably more likely than others to install beta software, even if it doesn’t come from an official source As a result, we’re curious if you’ve tried out an Android 12 beta pre-release build yet, whether it’s the official beta from Google or an OEM, Google’s prebuilt GSI, or a third-party port of Google’s beta. We’d like to hear what you think of Android 12 Beta 1 and 2: Do you like the changes you’ve seen thus far? If you don’t like some of the modifications or features, what do you think should be done about it? Personally, I love the new wallpaper-based theming and Material You design modifications, but I dislike the new power menu, which removed the Device Controls integration.

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Google’s most downloaded beta is Android 12 beta, but have you tried it yet?

According to Dave Burke, the VP of Engineering for Android, Android 12 beta becomes the most downloaded beta version in Android history barely a month after release.

Google launched the first Beta version of Android 12 last month, and the Beta2 version was recently published. The beta version of Android 12 has become the most downloaded/installed test version in Android history, according to Dave Burke, vice president of Android projects.

Android 12 beta

The public beta of Android 12 is now available for Google Pixel 3 and above handsets. OnePlus, Lenovo, Asus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Tecno, TCL, Vivo, and Xiaomi are also receiving the update.

The Android 12 beta brings a slew of updates to the UI and functionality in terms of features. One is the theme, which comprises the programs’ switching animations, lock screen, widgets, and so on, all of which adapt to the OS theme.

Other areas of the Android experience, like notifications and quick settings, are also being tweaked by Google. Improvements have also been made in terms of privacy and security. When accessing the phone’s camera or microphone, the app will display signs, and it will be easier to access the various permissions of all apps from a single dashboard.

In terms of gaming, Android 12 will include its own “Game Mode.” In the Android 12 beta settings interface, users can enable “Game Mode.” To begin, navigate to the “Notification” menu and select the Do Not Disturb option. Select Schedules from the drop-down menu. There is an option to activate “Game Mode” there. You will notice the extra features that come with the game mode after you activate it. It may show the frame rate of the FPS, screen recording, screenshots, and live game screens.

Android 12 beta has added a new “Safety & emergency” section in the settings menu that offers you easy access to your most important information and links directly to Pixel’s Personal Safety app.

This new menu accommodates all of your personal information, such as medical history, blood type, and so on. You can also add emergency contacts to the list so that they can be contacted in the event of a disaster.

One of the most significant improvements in Android 12 is a visual makeover of the basic Android interface. The Google Material design approach is adopted by Android 12, and Android 12 Beta 2 enhances the look with ‘Material You’ themes that change the color of your phone’s UI, alerts, and other aspects to match your wallpaper.

The Car Key functionality will be another new feature in Android 12 beta. iPhones have been able to function as a car key for compatible smart cars since last year. This capability will also be included in Android 12 beta to transform the Android smartphone into a car key. However, it looks that this function will be limited to Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices initially.

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