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AMD Data Center Revenue Doubled. What the rest of 2021 might look like is here.

Advanced Micro Devices Semiconductor maker inventory jumped into trading time on Tuesdays following a doubling of the company’s sales at the data center. In the context of a global chip shortage, the company has also increased its full-year forecast.

AMD Data Center

GDA In a prolonged session, shares (ticker: AMD) advanced 4.2%.

Unfortunately, AMD Data Chief Executive Lisa Su (Intel) reported that AMD data center chip revenues more than doubled in the first quarter last week, in contrast to its strongly decreasing data center group (INTC) when reported earnings.

AMD reported net AMD Data revenues in the first quart of the year up to $555 million, or $162 million, or 14 cents per share one year ago, amounting to 45 cents per share. Including adjusted earnings for stock compensation and related acquisition costs amounted to 52 cents per share. The income grew from $3.45 billion to 93 percent.

Consensus adjusted income estimated at $3.21 billion was 44 cents per share.

“All our companies and data center sales more than doubled in outstanding year-over-year growth,” Su said. “Our enhanced full-year guidance emphasizes the strong growth that we expect across our company based on the increased use of our high-end computer products and the expansion of customer relations.”

The personal computer and graphics processor segment, including server-driven segments, saw sales of 46% to $2.1 billion.

AMD states that its AMD Data growth is due to the sale of its Ryzen chips and Radeon graphics processors, with a higher average selling price of both products.

AMD data center sales have gone into a reporting sector that also includes videogame chips such as AMD’s for Microsoft (MSFT) and Sony’s new consoles (SNE). In conjunction with these new video game systems launched in November with its more advanced server chips, revenues for the segment reported increased 286 percent, $1.35 billion.

“We have developed AMD as a trusted and strategic partner to the largest clouds, companies, and clients, based on the development and continuous delivery of a multi-generation road map for CPUs,” Su said.

In spite of the segment’s annual growth, Su commented on its semi-custom sales sequentially in the prepared remark for the conference call late Tuesday. This decrease, however, is a step closer to the typical season, when new shops go down after the holidays.

Su told Barron on Tuesday in an interview that they expect strong sales throughout the remainder of the year, but the production of video game system chips is likely to take about three years to reach optimum results. This is meaningful, Su said, since the console cycle is much longer than other consumer products, for example, personal computers.

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In view of the global lack of semiconductors and the enormous strain on the chip supply chains, AMD has increased its year-long guidance. AMD said that revenue is now predicted to grow by around 50% in 2020, totaling approximately $14.64 billion. Analysts had forecast $1.94 per share and sales of $13.54 billion in full-year adjusted earnings.

Su explained that Barron’s AMD Data could enhance its performance through a number of aspects of the company’s business: the simplification of some of its own processes, reducing the logistics involved, and securing more capacity from its supply chain partners.

“Everything’s above,” Su said. “And I’d say we haven’t at all done. The levels of inventory that you usually see in the supply chain of that complexity are not there yet are a lot of work to be done. There is no buffer in the system, that’s very lean.”

This company forecasts a $3.6 billion, plus or minus $100 million in second-quarter revenues. Wall Street had a $3.29 billion model revenue.

Su said that AMD is well on the way to concluding the Xilinx acquisition before the end of the year, announced during a consolidation wave last year.

AMD Data shares decreased 0.2% during regular trading on Thursday, to close at $85.21. Tuesday’s PHLX Halble Drives Index (Sox) fell 0.8%.

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