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Mi Watch Revolve Active launched- All Your Burning Questions, Answered [2021]

Mi Watch Revolve Active launched, designed for those who lead active lives and participate in sports on a daily basis. The smartwatch will be available for purchase on June 25 for an anticipated price of INR 10,000.

One of my biggest gripes with Xiaomi’s original watch was the lack of SpO2 monitoring, which has now been incorporated to the current model. On top of that, Xiaomi has included Alexa, as well as a slew of new sports modes. But there’s more to it. What works and what doesn’t are listed below.

mi watch revolve

Pros And Cons For Mi Watch Revolve Active

Lightweight and breathableYou might use a speaker to answer phone calls.
a variety of features and sports modesAOD disables the raise to wake feature.
Battery life is adequate.For the time being, Alexa capability is limited.
Alexa integration

Specs and features of Mi Watch Revolve Active

  • 1.39-inch AMOLED panel with 454 x 454 resolution and 450 nits
  • Display -always on
  • 32g in weight
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BDS are all examples of satellite navigation systems.
  • Water resistance of 5 ATM
  • Battery capacity of 420mAh
  • SpO2, PPG heart rate, 3-axis acceleration, geomagnetic, barometer, gyroscope, and ambient light are all sensors.
  • Xiaomi Wear / Xiaomi Wear Lite app is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • There is support for 117 different sports modes.
  • Workout detection that is automatic
mi watch revolve active

The Mi Watch Revolve Active looks a little different from the Revolve, and Xiaomi has done a good job at distinguishing the two in terms of design. The old model was available in stainless steel and midnight black, but the new one has a sportier style, with a matte-finished casing that matches the straps, which are available in beige, black, and blue. The one I’m wearing is beige, a color that pops out on the wrist while being beautiful and refined. The gadget is both lightweight and comfortable.

The screen has the same circular AMOLED display as the previous generation. It’s also a competent display, with vibrant colours and high readability even in direct sunshine.
The Revolve Active, like the previous generation, features standard lugs, allowing you to detach the straps using the quick-release pins and replace them with a band of your choice at any time.

The two side buttons are the same as previously, however this time they are clearly labelled as ‘Home’ and ‘Sport.’ The navigation is simple and smooth, with no stuttering or lag. Swipe down to see alerts, up to see quick settings, and sideways to see your heart rate, energy, sleep, weather, stress, SpO2, and activity summary. The top side button shows app icons, which cover features such as workouts (which are also available directly through the lower hardware button), breathing exercises, compass, air pressure, alarms, stopwatch, and so on.

One of the main features this time is the incorporation of Alexa. You’d need to enter your Amazon credentials via the Xiaomi Wear app as part of the one-time account connection process.

The Xiaomi Wear app is simple to use and rapidly syncs your physical data. It gives a useful summary of your activities, workouts, and sleep, as well as the ability to change watch settings.

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The selection of watch faces is rather good, and you may download and instal the ones you choose on the watch. The variety of watch face selections isn’t very impressive, but it whets my desire for switching and trying out new ones many times per day.

The 420mAh battery is guaranteed to last up to 14 days on a single charge. In my situation, after a week of mild usage, the battery is at 18 percent, so I’d anticipate it to last approximately 9-10 days, with the Always-on display turned off and continuous heart rate tracking turned on. This might vary greatly depending on your settings and how frequently you utilise the training modes and GPS monitoring.

Should you buy Mi Watch Revolve Active ?

a handful of odd reboots, which I’d ascribe to the review unit’s early firmware build for the time being. This should not be a problem with the retail units.

While beneficial, the Alexa connectivity appears to be a little rudimentary for the time being. For example, Alexa’s ‘announce’ capability, which permits broadcasting voice messages to Alexa-powered smart speakers in the home, is now unavailable. Future upgrades are anticipated to add more capabilities.

The gadget already has a microphone for Alexa, so it’s surprising Xiaomi didn’t integrate a tiny speaker as well. This would have allowed the watch to function as a Bluetooth headset for the linked phone, allowing you to make and receive calls straight from the device. For the time being, the watch can simply reject or quiet incoming calls.

Although the Watch Revolve Active offers the always-on display functionality, I believe the implementations might have been improved. Enabling the always-on display, however, removes the raise to wake feature, which appears to be quite restricting, given that one must click the home button to wake the watch and access its primary features.

What is the price of Mi Watch Revolve Active in India?

Mi Watch Revolve Active price in India is Rs 9,999

Is the Mi Watch Revolve Active compatible with ‘Always On Display’?

Method 1: Go to the Settings option if the watch is already linked with the Xiaomi Wear app. Select System Settings. Select the RESET option. Click the ‘OK’ button.
Method 2: Long-press the side button for a few seconds if the watch is not linked with the Xiaomi Wear App. Select the RESET option. Click the ‘OK’ button.

What helpful is a SpO2 monitor?

SpO2 monitors the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. Blood oxygen saturation is an important indicator of your overall health and fitness. It shows how much oxygen is being delivered to your body and how well it is being absorbed.

What is the name of the companion app for the Mi?

Mi Watch Revolve Active works with Xiaomi Wear on Android – Play Store and Xiaomi Wear Lite on iOS – App Store

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